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Who are we, and why did we create this site?
     SharAmbrosia was formed by Sharon Houghton, an entrepreneur with over 30 years in the beauty business as well as an education in art and communication. While most of her fellow estheticians were investing in high priced machines and specializing in the latest 'fad' products of the day, Sharon found that by using old fashioned personal attention and hands-on therapy, her business grew. Her clients enjoyed receiving treatments that were based on relaxation and holistic rejuvenation.

     While enjoying her love of gardening, cooking, and all things natural, she began making her own natural beauty products. Slowly she started trying her products out on her clients and began seeing incredible results that were thrilling her customers and far surpassed her experience with synthetic ones. 

     Near the end of the 90's, Sharon began her exploration of the Internet. She began searching for companies that were making 100% natural beauty products. It was amazing to her that there were so few companies out there making these types of products. This was when she realized that with her background of beauty, herbs, and communication, it was a natural progression for her to create the 'All Natural Beauty Website'. This was 10 years ago, and the site is still thriving and growing, just like all-natural and organic beauty care! 

       This site was created for many reasons. The main reason was to give consumers and beauty professionals a place to go to find truly 'all' natural beauty products and services. There are many companies out there that claim to have natural products, but there are very few that actually do. Making all-natural beauty products is a tougher road to travel, but those that do so sense a higher calling. All-natural beauty products are healthy and pure, and contain many rewards for those that use them.

     We're also very happy and proud to offer an exceptional amount of information in our Reading Room for those that want to know how to live a healthier lifestyle and learn why all-natural and organic beauty care is worth exploring. You'll find many outstanding Do It Yourself Beauty Recipes as well. All-natural beauty is something that can be tried and enjoyed by anyone. Most of the ingredients in our Homemade Beauty Recipes section are ones that you probably have in your pantry right now.

     Relax back and enjoy our site. Do you have a question about herbal beauty care? Ask one of our Experts. We will strive to bring you the very best all-natural products and services that this country has to offer. Please join us at Facebook. Tell your friends about us. Fill them in on what you learn here. Thank you for visiting our site!


Do You have a Question?...
Meet the All Natural Beauty Experts in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Natural Skin Care, Soap and Soap Making, Candles and Candle Making, Mineral Makeup and Cosmetic Ingredients

We can help. We offer the expertise of some of the best sources in the business:

Teporah Bilezikian (Owner of Monave Mineral Cosmetics)

Jeanne Rose (Author; Owner of Herbal Body Works)

Li Wong (Blogger; Owner of Earth Alkemie)

Alexandra Avery (Author; Organic Esthetician; Owner of The Scent Atelier)

Jacquelyn Ramsey (Owner of WoodSprite Organic Body)

Ivana Knezevic (Cosmetic Chemist; Owner of I2 by Ivana K)

Robyn Atticks (Organic Hair Stylist; Owner of Shear Miracle Organics)

Ask Your question, we'll send you the answer and post it in our Research Room - Send to Questions@anbPortal.com



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Montel Williams Spa Gift Packages

As seen on the Montel Williams Show    

     We were so honored to be asked by the Montel Williams show to supply gifts for their audience. Ten of our anb Partners provided their very special products to create a spa package to die for.



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