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Baby Girl

by Sharon Houghton       

I remember seeing the commercials of the other babies.  They were playing in the tub while their mothers washed them.  The announcer talked about how there would be no more tears.  Whenever my mom washed the shampoo from my head and some would get in my eye, it burned!


I'd sneeze every time my mother would use baby powder around me, or she'd put on her perfume.  We'd laugh together, as she'd poke me in the tummy and say "achooo".


When you're a baby it's the most wonderful time in the world.  Everyone does everything for you.  They bathe you, they feed you, you haven't a care in the world.  I trusted those around me because I knew no better.  They were my world, they protected me, nurtured me and loved me.


As I became a young woman I was still using the same brands of shampoos and soaps, with different names and packaging.  I read the magazines that were cool for my age and they told me what I wanted to hear, and what I needed to achieve "true" beauty.


But just like there came a time when I saw the importance of eating a healthy diet, I saw the truth about spreading poisonous chemicals onto (and into) my body.


For me it was a light that just seemed to flip on one day.  Even though I'd been studying about the important properties of herbs and botanicals for many years, I had been blindly using these unnatural ingredients on myself every day.


  True natural products usually don't last as long as unnatural ones because they don't have the usual unnatural preservatives.  So it just makes sense that you'd need to keep them in the refrigerator to help prolong their life span.  Who complains about having to get the bottle of milk out of the refrigerator?


  It's all about conditioning.  I can see how I had been conditioned to accept beauty products that went against my good health (and sense). Now it's up to me to change my own bad patterns that have been instilled in me. The beautiful thing is that there are natural choices today.  People are waking up and seeing the truth about going back to nature, and they're creating wonderful 'all' natural beauty products.


This is an exciting time in history for the all-natural beauty business. It's crucial that the beauty products be produced and delivered into the care of the consumer in as short of time as possible, just like healthy food.  Just like the concept of a farmers' market, the Internet can now be the field where the farmers meet to sell their produce.


  The Internet has become the perfect tool to expedite the mail order process.  The old days of natural products sitting on shelves for long periods of time is avoided by shopping on-line.


  But that doesn't mean doom and gloom for the natural health food store.  I see a day when beauty products will be in the refrigerated section, where they belong.  It amazes me how many "natural" health food stores that I go into and cannot find a single all-natural shampoo or lotion.  I feel that the health food store that gets a refrigerator stocked with all-natural beauty products, will have a successful owner (...and it would be a store that I'd visit often!).


There's a definite shift in consciousness about the inclusion of known toxic substances in beauty products.  Many of us are coming around.  By choosing all-natural products I know that I'm making a healthy choice for me and my world.  I hope that you join me in the process.


Since being a baby, I've come to several realizations. Two important ones are: 'True' beauty really does come from the inside.  It's who you are, not what you look like that makes you beautiful.  And ... All-natural beauty is clearly the best way to go.


Baby Girl, wake up.




All views expressed in the articles on the "All Natural Info" page are those of the various authors, they are presented here for your enjoyment and enlightenment.  These views do not necessarily represent the views of SharAmbrosia or the "all natural beauty" website. 

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