Look Years Younger in Just Two Weeks!

by Karie Wagner

Learn how to improve your appearance and health, through facial massage.

a l l  n a t u r a l  i n f o

     Did you know that your lymph system is vital to youthful, glowing skin?   Many people are unaware of the importance of the lymph, or even what the lymph system is.  The lymph system is a network of vessels running through your body responsible for removing waste and toxins from your cells.  Research has proven that a poorly performing lymphatic network can have an adverse effect on the functioning of the body and can drastically affect your health and well being, including the appearance of the facial area.

     Many factors may cause your lymph system to become stagnant or “stuck,” particularly in the facial area.  During the day, bad eating habits, a lack of exercise, shallow breathing, stress, headaches and overexposure to pollution will slow the drainage of the lymph and flow of blood.  At night, when the body is in a resting state, the lymph drainage of toxins slows down and the waste builds up.  An obvious sign of waste buildup in the morning is puffiness around the face, particularly the eye area, as well as a pale skin color.  When the lymph is not active, tone and elasticity are impacted, creating a loose, slack look.  Wrinkles are more prevalent, and the skin may lose its vibrant, healthy look.  Even blemishes and adult acne may be a result of a sluggish lymph system.

     The lymph can be stimulated by frequent facial massage and can have a drastic impact on the look and feel of your skin.  When you press or massage any part of your body, circulation is increased in that area.  The face responds particularly well to touch, since it is packed with many small sensitive muscles.  Facial massage is something that you can easily do yourself with very little effort.  In addition to visible results, facial massage relieves tension, relaxes you, and restores energy to your body by stimulating the blood flow.

     Anyone with sensitive skin or conditions such as rosacea or broken capillaries will also benefit from facial massage.  However, massage should be done gently and more lightly as the skin is more delicate under these circumstances.

     When it comes to face care products and the lymph system, essential oils such as Bulgarian rose, lemongrass, ginger, ylang ylang and rosemary effectively help stimulate the lymph.  Look for skin care products that contain one or more of these oils.


Facial Massage Technique

     The following are facial massage techniques designed specifically to activate your lymph and benefit your face and neck area.  Used consistently, you will see visible results in a short time.  For more dramatic effects, try the facial massage daily for two weeks.

Note: Always use a hydrating mask or moisturizer to create “slippage.” Massaging dry skin causes unnecessary pulling and stretching.

Step 1.  Using the outer sides of your index fingers, briskly massage up and down on the forehead for 30 seconds.

Step 2.  Using the tips of your index fingers, briskly massage the sides of your face, from temples near hairline to the bottoms of your ears. Massage for 30 seconds.

Step 3.  Using the outer sides of your index fingers and starting at your cheekbone area right beside your nose, “hook up” under each cheekbone and gently “jiggle” your index fingers back and forth. Gradually move down the cheekbone and continue jiggling to the center of the cheekbone, directly below the center of the eye.  To complete this step, using the outer sides of your thumbs, hook up under the opposite side of the cheekbones directly under the outside of the eye area.  Continue “jiggling” until you have reached the center of the cheekbone.

Note: This area often contains the most stagnant lymph and may feel sore for a few days until it is cleared and flowing freely again.

Step 4:  Open your mouth slightly, creating a slackness and a looseness in the hollow directly below your cheekbone.  Using the tips of three fingers, gently massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds.

Step 5:  Using the undersides of your thumbs, hook up under the jaw line beginning directly below the ears. “Jiggle” the skin with your thumbs, moving down the jaw line until thumbs meet in the center of your chin.

Step 6:  Collapse your head to the left, tilting it so that your neck muscles are relaxed on the left side.  Using your right hand, hold your four fingers straight and firmly together.  Start just under the jaw line of the left side of your face, and slide your hand down the side of your neck and out across your shoulder.  Repeat 10 times on the left side. Then do the same for the right side.  You may feel the lymph moving and, as a result, a tingling sensation in the neck and arm area.

     Typically, a facial massage once per week is recommended. However, as a “jump start” to healthier looking skin with a vibrant glow, you may use the facial massage techniques daily for one to two weeks.  Be sure to use a natural moisturizing mask or treatment, such as the Restorative Rose Facial Therapy from Jakaré, to create slippage, as you should not perform the facial massage on dry skin.

     I hope this information has been helpful in understanding the importance of and the techniques for effective facial massage.  A healthy lymph system can have a phenomenal effect on your health and well being, and can help create beautiful and healthy skin as well!

Karie Wagner
Founder, Jakaré Skin Care


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Make sure to visit Karie's web site, where you'll find her line of all-natural beauty products.  Pure, organic oils are used in all of the skin care products provided by Jakaré Skin Care.








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