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Gluten Free BeautyÖ It is Possible!

 by Sharen Udell

     Gluten sensitivity has been the buzz word for the past year where makeup is concerned.  There have been an increasing number of blogs and websites dedicated to all things gluten-free, including makeup. We, at Monave, have gotten so many inquiries on Gluten Free Makeup that although we are 95% gluten free, we have taken steps to further change some of the products that arenít and hope to be completely gluten free in the near future.

     What is gluten sensitivity and why is it so prevalent in recent times? Gluten sensitivity mimics a variety of illnesses and is often misdiagnosed. The symptoms are usually, cramping, bloating, skin rashes and headaches and can be diagnosed as stomach problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Acid Reflux. Gluten is very hard to digest and can be found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. It can also be found hidden in a processed or prepared foods. Research has shed light on this common disorder with the premise that when human beings adopted an agrarian society 10,000 years ago our bodies did not have the internal organs sufficient to process a staple diet of wheat, rye, barley or oats. It stays in the system and develops all these gastrointestinal problems. Imagine a cow and other ruminants such as sheep and goats have up to four stomachs to help digest plant based diets compared to our one!

     How do I know if Iím gluten sensitive? Look at symptoms such as constant stomach problems, unexplained rashes, itchy skin, and tendency to be underweight/inability to gain weight, unusually loose bowels, fatigue and depression. Start by eliminating gluten from your diet, start with breads, pastas and look at the ingredients in packaged goods to see if they have wheat, rye, barley and oats, also if they have been processed in plants where these products are made. There is a simple test that your physician can administer to detect this problem.

     The jury is still out on whether using beauty products with gluten additives can be harmful to the system. My personal take is that the skin is the largest organ and 60% of what you put on topically is absorbed into your system. Therefore, if products containing gluten is used your symptoms will persist, albeit not on the scale that ingesting can produce but unexplained skin rashes and itchiness.

     Where can gluten be found in beauty products? Vitamin E is used as an antioxidant and is commonly derived from wheat germ. Most oils are preserved with Vitamin E to prevent rancidity. They can be hidden in such oils as Olive Oil, Palm Oil and Coconut Oil and is used by the oil processors. These oils are then bought by soap makers and various handcrafters to develop their products. Soap makers donít usually know, so soap ingredients will not include Vit. E. Itís always good to check with the soap company so they can start making inquiries on the source. Oats is another common ingredient used in beauty products, such as soap and facial products. Triglycerides are another common hidden source as it is used in the formation of creams and lotions and is derived from coconut oil. If you are gluten sensitive constant vigilance is a must. Mineral makeup that has no additives such as moisture bases and is loose and in powder form is perfectly safe. There are several blogs that are dedicated to a Gluten free beauty lifestyle and can be very informative. I recommend: www.glutenfreecosmeticcounter.blogspot.com.



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