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Herbal Hair Care in a Modern World

 by Marilyn Courtwright

          All-natural hair care is just a concept for some people.  For others, it’s not even on their radars.  Most people buy their hair products as a matter of habit and convenience.  They go to the hair stylist and on the way out pick up a bottle of shampoo and conditioner that perhaps their stylist recommended. For others its part of their grocery store trip.  “Well it must be okay since such a well known brand makes it” they figure.  I’ve been manufacturing custom-blended shampoos and other all-natural beauty products for several years through my company, Herbal Garden.  I’d like to share my views about the importance of going all-natural with your hair care.  It’s something that most people don’t even think about, but they should.

     While convenience is always nice, buying your hair care at the grocery or beauty shop is generally not the best idea.  In most cases these products were made with cheap synthetics, rather than natural herbs and other botanicals.  Often these products contain chemicals found in the petroleum family and contain a lot of ammonium blended chemicals.  Not to mention that some of these chemicals can be contaminated.  These are not the kinds of chemicals that I want to cleanse my hair and scalp with, and I doubt that you do either.  70% of what you put on the outside of your body is absorbed into the bloodstream.  So why on earth would anyone risk their health by using questionable synthetic chemicals when they don’t have to?

     My advice is to do your research.  The next time you purchase a product for your personal use or to clean your home, take a few minutes to read the ingredients.  Do you know what they are?  Do you know the effect they may have on you and the environment?  Do a little research on these chemicals when you can.  It just might scare you.  The next step is to learn about the values of going all-natural with your beauty care.  Natural botanicals serve the same purposes that the synthetics do, yet they don’t cause the harm to your health and the environment.  They may cost a bit more. They may take a little more effort.  But they are a safer alternative that will pay off.  Herbs work but they work slowly.  Nature and humans are all connected; we are all part of the whole. So to me using natural products are just a part of the natural cycle.  I hope that you’ll take some time to think about these things.  Eliminating a few chemicals from your life may be a good thing for everyone.

     To give you an idea of how beneficial adding herbs and other botanicals can be in hair care I’d like to share with you how I use them in the customized herbal shampoos that I make at Herbal Gardens.  The natural shampoo I make contains distilled water which is pure water.  I infuse herbs that feed and nourish the hair and scalp as well as promote circulation.  This helps to maintain a healthy head of hair.

Herbs for Various Hair & Scalp Needs
These are some herbs that are useful for a variety of hair and scalp needs:

Nettle leaves – They contain minerals that help promote circulation to the scalp and act as a stimulant to promote hair growth.  They also have anti-fungal properties.  Nettle contains formic acid, amino acids, proteins and vitamins. It is also a hair tonic.

Horsetail and Coltsfoot – They are both high in silica acid, sulfur and cystine.  These are components that make up our hair, giving it strength and elasticity.

Comfrey leaves – This herb contains allantoin which helps to control itching.  It also helps remove scales and clears the scalp of oiliness. It works with amino acids to improve absorption into the hair. It also helps to repair damaged tissue.

Herbs for Hair Color
Hair color is another consideration when creating shampoo blends.  The following are some useful natural additives used to enhance natural hair color.  They are not actual dyes, but over time work to blend and tone natural color:

Black Walnut Hulls – They are excellent for brown to black hair.
Chamomile flowers – These are wonderful when used for blonde hair.
Calendula flowers – A good choice to bring out red highlights.
Hibiscus flowers – These are a wonderful addition for red hair.
Wood Betony – This works well for gray to silver hair.
Blue Malva flowers – A nice choice for white hair.


Other Botanical Additives used in Natural Hair Care

Organic Oils
Jojoba Oil - Which is not oil at all, it is a liquid wax.  I use this on natural color hair.  When it comes in contact with anything not natural it reverts back to its natural wax stage and will leave a slight coating on the strands of treated hair.
Meadowfoam – This type of oil works well on treated hair.
Evening Primrose – I use this for scalp conditions that need treating.

Essential Oils
Rosemary – This one promotes growth as well as helps split ends and dandruff.
Clary Sage – A great choice for stimulating the hair roots.
Juniper – This is also good to aid in stimulation.

     Making your own herbal shampoo is a wonderful way to get creative and make a hair product that you know is fresh and natural.  But I know that not everyone has the time or inclination.  That is why I am always happy to help you with your natural hair care needs.  When you visit the Herbal Garden website to purchase your herbal shampoo, you will be invited to fill out our simple ‘Shampoo Customization’ form.  By checking the boxes that apply to your own hair needs, you are in effect writing your own beauty prescription!  I then take your form and prepare a custom made bottle of shampoo just for you.

     Our shampoos are made with Castile soap, which is completely natural and helps to create some lather.  I also add B Vitamins and Aloe Vera to help strengthen and protect your hair.  You may find that our shampoo is quite fluid compared to what you’re used to.  You will also need to shake it well since it doesn’t contain the usual synthetic emulsifiers that other shampoos use.  What you will find is that it cleanses and nourishes your hair, eliminates 98% of tangles, and there will be none of the chemical buildup that comes from using other shampoos.  You will also have several beautiful scents to choose from.  If you’re looking for convenience, we’re just a couple of mouse clicks away.  No need to even get in your car.  Fill out our simple form.  Purchase your products, and check out.  It’s that simple. I look forward to answering any questions that you may have, and preparing a specially made shampoo just for you.


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