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Tinea Versicolor - Not just a Surfers Condition

 by Monika Peters


     My son has been going to surf camp every day and I noticed that many of these kids have white blotches on their face -
so... I did some research and found that this skin infection (or fungus) is a parasite contracted not only from swimming in the ocean but also from the sand and will spread onto clothing, wetsuits, towel, etc . .

Here is one article that I thought I would share:

What is tinea versicolor? What are symptoms of tinea versicolor?

     Tinea versicolor is a common fungal infection that often affects adolescents and young adults. The term versicolor refers to the fact that it causes the affected skin to change color and become either lighter or darker than surrounding skin. The most common areas it affects are the shoulders, back, and chest. At times, it can affect folds of skin, such as the crook of the arm, the skin under the breasts, or the groin. The face is usually spared, although sometimes children can get it there. There may be just a few spots or so many that it gives the appearance that the affected skin is normal while the unaffected skin around it seems to have a problem.

What causes tinea versicolor?

     Tinea versicolor is caused by a yeast called Malassezia furfur that lives in the skin of most adults. This exists in two forms, one of which causes visible spots. Factors that can cause the fungus to become more visible include high humidity and immune or hormone abnormalities. However, almost all people with this very common condition are perfectly healthy.

     Because the tinea versicolor fungus is part of the normal adult skin, this condition is not contagious. It often recurs after treatment, but usually not right away, so that treatment needs to be repeated only every year or two.

     Tinea versicolor patches that are brown or reddish-brown go right away after treatment. When this condition produces spots that are lighter than the surrounding skin, it may take several months for overall color to even out. It always eventually does. Tinea versicolor does not leave permanent skin discoloration.

     I spoke with my health care professional and found that using an antibiotic soap to treat the top layer of the skin is NOT enough. This parasite will travel down through the layers (we have seven) and hide out until you have stopped the treatment, only to re-appear.

     Using a series of an anti-fungal soap along with an internal bacterial buster, immune boosters and even black tea, which contains tannin (a bitter herb with anti septic and anti-fungal properties) all necessary to get rid of T.V., once and for all.

     CITRICIDAL makes a soap and capsules that are taken internally to kill the bacteria from within. (found at most healthfood stores)

     The article above says it is not contagious, but I have heard otherwise. Make sure that all clothing and beach towels are thoroughly washed with hot water and dried fully. Leaving those towels out to dry overnight in possible moist air- is a no no!

Written by Monika Peters

Research found at the following: wikipedia.org, mayoclinic.com, Gerson Esthetician text

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