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Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

by Teporah Bilezikian


      This seasonís makeup trends are full of surprises. Spring usually features the softer side of color, but not this season. Bold blues, turquoise, pinks and reds are the show stoppers. Red lips predominated on the runways and fashion houses like Prada, Oscar de la Renta, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Typically, bright lips are paired with nude, almost totally natural eyes, but this year includes a grunge black lined eye for a sexy, slept-in look. To flip the drama, there are two inspired eye looks: turquoise and blue, as well as hot pink eyes. These are paired with innocent soft pink lips, in muted and nude tones.


Red Lips:

     Reds are always a little bit of a problem with mineral makeup, since the classic fire engine red, as seen in the model here, is created with dyes made from coal tar, and quite toxic, and irritating for some women. But there are reds out there, they tend to be frostier, have a more orange tint, or appear more earthy/less vivid.

     The reds can range from bright warm-hued poppy for blonds, and pinker-skinned brunettes, to cool wine-toned reds for women with olive skin, to deeper berry and crimson shades for richer skin tones. Liner is a big plus this season with bright red liner taking the runway.

Photo: Imax Tree



Turquoise Eyes:

     Turquoise and Blue eye shadows remind us of the sea and the beautiful warm Spring sky. It forecasts the bright, hot days of summer spent in the elements of water, and reminds us that the Winter chill is fading quickly.

     The look featured above is very bright, as are the looks in the tutorials featured below. Natural makeup can feature very bright, shimmery blues, so the dramatic looks can be achieved. To tone down these looks, use mineral powders dry. To vamp up the volume on the shades, use a foiling technique. To foil, dip your eye shadow brush in a dab of water, tap the excess off, and dip it into your mineral powder. Then quickly start spreading it onto your lid. It will be very bright at this point. To tone it down, use a second brush that is dry, and gently buff the shade to a lighter, softer hue.

     This is also an easy technique to create an eye liner. For a bright blue or turquoise eyeliner, use an angled or straight taklon liner brush. Dip the brush in water, then into the mineral powder of your choice. Once finished, blend the paste on the back of your hand, or the lid of a makeup jar until itís a nice, thick paste. If itís too watery, it wonít create the texture and depth of shade that you want. If itís too thick, it wonít spread properly. So take the time to test the mixture before lining your eyes with it. For a fun look, create a thicker than normal line on the top lid, and mimic that along the lower lid. For a more subtle approach, use a very fine line along the bottom lash, and use a more typical shade, such as brown, or black, along the top lash. You can control how dramatic or subtle it is by how thick the line is, and by buffing it to a dry look vs. leaving it foiled as a wet look.


Grungy Lived-In Liner:

     For this look, the trick is to use a minimal look on the rest of the face. As you see in the models shown here, they are wearing foundation, lid primer (a good mineral foundation can serve as your lid primer), a light bronzer and barely-there lip color.

     The second trick is to line the black on the upper lid, and then fill in the water line as well. If you have never done this, itís easiest with a black pencil liner, well-sharpened. You gently pull down your lower lid, and line inside of your lash, instead of under it. This gives you a bedroom eye look that is both sexy and casual at the same time. To give it that natural slept-in look, smudge it gently with your finger and pair it with a light, natural gloss. Try it!



Pink Eye Tutorials:


Pink Eyes:

     This is an interesting trend, but finding a good shot of a model wearing pink shadow was almost impossible, since the models are made to look ghostly and bizarre. In real life, pinks can be very beautiful as eye shadows. There are soft neutral pinks, pearlescent lid washes, fuchsia and hot pink, and bolder deep berry pinks. The ideal presentation is to apply a lighter pink or tan on the inside of the lower lid, and a deeper pink in the corner and crease. Then a final trick to really emphasize the look is to line a smoky black or deep brown liner on the upper and lower lid.

     Here are some easy to follow tutorials. To create these looks in a more natural finish, simply use the softer pink shades, avoid the deeper ones, and blend from a dry powder. Less is definitely more when creating a natural look.

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