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  Beauty Business

Don't ever get lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to being in the beauty business.

No matter how fun and exciting it is, it is a 'business'.  Which means that you must always remember to be professional.  Dress professionally, act respectfully, and you will always be considered someone that people want to do business with.

And as we all know... being a successful business person can be... fun!


Beauty is as beauty does, have love in your heart and you'll have a beautiful day.


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Pampering is here to stay

Domain names that relate to the 'Spa Business' or 'pampering' are names that will always be in style.

Choose your names according to what people are looking for when they put in their search.

With times being what they are, we all need more relaxation in our lives.


Use the Internet

Today we are fortunate to have the advantage of the Internet.  Everything that you'll ever want to know about your craft, current trends in business as well as beauty and fashion are right there at your fingertips.

There's really no excuse why you should not be well informed on what's going on in the beauty industry.

Your clients come to you to find out what's going on.  They have chosen their line of work because it suits them.  You chose the beauty business because beauty is your passion.  Keep things fresh and light, and make sure that you always have interesting facts for them... and they will become your very best clients.


Being a business person is fun and rewarding.

The beauty business is a multi-billion dollar a year industry.  Are you making your fair share?







Decide right now...

Do you want be the one sitting around waiting for your customers to find you?

Or do you want to be the one that is actively working at your trade and loving every minute of it?

Your customers are out there trying to find you.  Many of them are on the Internet putting searches in and hoping that you've already done your part to let them find you.

Have a web site to direct them to you and your products.  Have many great domain names that point them to your site.  It's as easy as that.


Play hard, work hard... for some, it's the same thing.


Be in the moment when dealing with clients and customers.

Put everything else in your life aside while you're with them.

That's how to create a 'memorable' moment.


Safe, natural products are available now, look into it.

See a healthy salon in action here

Healthy Salon Life...

Living with toxicity in a salon may be more serious than you think.  Many illnesses and medical problems are reported each year by salon workers.

Could it be due to the toxic chemicals found there?

By going all-natural, you could spare many people from toxic fumes and potential illness.  Sure, you may lose a few perm or color clients.  But those few clients will be replaced by an even more thankful clientele.  The public is getting wiser to what is found in their beauty products and they are starting to demand change.

You can be the one that brings them what they are looking for... a refuge from the usual toxic beauty salon environment, a healthy beauty sanctuary.


Celebrate the small things.

Sometimes we look too far into the future for our happiness.

Learn to focus on the here and now, and all of the goodness that surrounds you.


What are the benefits of buying domain names from Beauty Biz Domains?

You'll have the knowledge that you're dealing with experience.  Our company is owned by an aesthetician that has been in the beauty business for over 20 years.  We understand the special needs of the beauty professional.

Whether you buy any of our Premium Domain Names, or our "Choose Your Own" Domains at our, you'll get first rate service, at fair and competitive prices.

Our helpful and courteous staff will gladly help you with all of your e-mail and web hosting needs.  We don't expect you to be an expert when it comes to the Internet.  But with some help and guidance, you will know what it takes to bring you up to the level that you want to be in your career.

Be the success that you deserve to be.  It takes 'beauty promotion'.  Let us help.


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Tip For the Beginner...

Fake it 'til you make it.

In the beauty business, this means:

  • Dress for Success

  •  Be on time

  • Be Organized

  • Learn your craft

Do these things every day and soon enough... You won't be faking it!


Stay fresh, Stay open


 Learn, Learn, Learn

What don't you know about your trade?

There are many ways to find out:

  • Subscribe to trade mags

  • Go On-Line

  • Stay Open to new ideas

Learn what you don't know now, and tomorrow you'll have a whole new list of things to learn.



Live Right

This is the slogan of our new site

What does it mean?

  • Feed your mind

  • Feed your body

  • Feed your spirit

...with safe, natural, healthy things that enrich your life.


Organic Food Link

SharAmbrosia is a big believer that the human body does better when it is as toxin-free as possible.  We believe in using natural beauty products, as well as natural health products.

That's why we have now added a sister site to our web site.  This site is to help you to find toxin-free ways of healing and maintaining wellness.  You'll find everything from all-natural house and garden products and info to Organic food and medicine.  We even have all-natural healing help for your animal friends!

Please drop by for a visit to see all of the many ways we can help you to get healthy, and stay healthy... the all-natural way!

More great Premium Names that we offer:


If you are interested in learning more about all-natural beauty, please visit us at


We make no promises that the domain names that we discuss on this page will still be available. You'll need to come to our Current Listing of Premium Domains to find out what is currently available.  Thank you.

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