Financial Success is Yours for the Taking!


By: Diane Dutton, CEO of CK Systemz, LLC


     The business of Beauty is like any other.  The members of the profession look, with passion, to create something special.  You want something special for your clients and for yourself.

You work to:

  • Improve your talent

  • Become respected for that talent

  • Be rewarded for your talent

     These rewards are spiritual, emotional and physical in the form of praise, recognition and financial success.  The industry works hard on the first two.  You are responsible to make the financial success happen too!

     Jack Canfield, in 'The Success Principles', (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul), believes that
Events x Reponses = Outcome.

     I would like to give you an example:  A male client, who gets his hair cut or manicure or facial every three weeks always seems to forget to make his next appointment and in one year instead of visiting you 17 times during the year for a $35.00 haircut, for example providing you with about $600 in income, shows up only 12 times and you earn only $420.00, which is $180 less than you could have made from him.

     If this happens with 10 clients that's  $1,800 less than you could have earned that year - for no really good reason!

     Now, if you found a way to be sure he is in your chair 17 times, that $180 is in your pocket ready to help bring you financial success.  You did no more work than you would have before!

     I would like to propose that we change Jack Canfield’s premise and say:

     Thoughts + Action CREATES Events x Response = Outcomes

     So, if you are thinking: “My financial success is in my hands” then you will take the ACTIONS to bring that about.  Those actions will create the EVENTS, more appointments which you will RESPOND to with more service and the OUTCOME MORE MONEY TO YOU!

     Seems simple?  Let’s do it.  Find that way to have the clients you have visit more often, buy more product, receive more types of service from you, bring referrals to your partners in the salon or spa (refer to a manicure, facial, massage) and bring more financial success to your life!

     I believe that good personal client management software, CLIENT KEEPER, can help you do that.  Set recurring appointments for your clients, let the software remind them all the time so they don’t miss an appointment, track their likes and dislikes so you can email them specials on product or referral services and create thousands in cash to you, where before there were pennies.

     Think about your financial success – you deserve it!

See you next time,
Diane Dutton, CEO
CK Systemz, LLC
Client Keeper for the Beauty Professional
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