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Client Sharing Keeps Growing $$$ in your Salon


By: Diane Dutton, CEO of CK Systemz, LLC


     As booth rental and commission shops alike look for ways to make their businesses more profitable, we turn to the value of good beauty and spa professionals working in your salon.  Talented people bring business, retain business and most importantly can share business.  Share business?  What does that mean?  Let me explain:

     If your team of talented beauty and spa professionals develops their clientele, they build relationships. Moms bring in sons and daughters, wives bring in husbands.  Hair and color clients decide to have their nails done; facials are gifts from dad to mom on Mother’s Day.  Dad loves to have a massage once a month from the spa, shouldn’t mom have one too?  All this creates shared clients.  If a client’s main stylist leaves, will the client stick around for the other treatments?

     The key to success is two-fold.  Keep and grow clients while you keep your talented professionals happy.  The shared client concept will keep everyone in the money.

     So, utilizing a client management and automated scheduling system can be helpful.  If your professionals all maintain in depth client profiles within their Client Keeper Software System they now have the ability to share that profile with others in the shop as well as receive additional clients from other professional in return.  This give and take will keep all their schedules booked and money in the hands of the professionals and the salon.

     If your shop is busy all the time its easier to provide those little extras that are expected in a really attractive salon and spa.  If your stations are empty, your team will go elsewhere, and so will the clients.  I have never seen a customer return to a shop for the cappuccino, if they love the way their hair was highlighted and that person is now working down the street.

     If each of your beauty and spa professionals maintained their client database on his or her personal Client Keeper Software System they will have easy access to email lists for advertising shared client services. They can run specials; “$10.00 off your first set of nails with your next hair appointment!” Client Keeper can send this advertisement at no cost to your professionals, just auto- email those in your database with that snapshot of your calendar and they will make the appointments roll in!

     Shared email lists can begin to create relationships for additional services.  As a salon owner you can even offer specials on your sale products via advertising by your professionals to each of their clients in their own database.  This makes for a great reason for another appointment or just a stop by to pick up their favorite leave-in conditioner, nail polish or skin care product!

    Working together for success is the key.  They are your salon team, lead them to more financial success than ever before!


Diane Dutton, CEO
CK Systemz, LLC
Client Keeper for the Beauty Professional
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