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Nothing speaks louder than a logo. Whether you are a large company, or a small one. You need a logo that sums up your company at a glance.
We are very proud to offer you the services of
Vinaya, an artist and true creative genius.


will get you a logo to be proud of. It will help you compete with  the best, and get you noticed.



Logos are something that sets your company apart from the rest. If you made your own logo with a pc, please rethink your plan.  Unless you are a highly skilled artist and have a lot of marketing experience, chances are that your logo is not as professional as it could be.  The sooner you get a new logo, the sooner your company will move to the next level.

You'll want to use it on everything that your customer sees including brochures, flyers, website, advertising, business cards, product packaging, etc..  To have something so important created by an artist of this caliber, at such a competitive price as this is truly a gift.  We hope that you will see this for the opportunity that it is.

To begin the process, you'll fill out our Logo Creation Form.  This detailed questionnaire will give us specific information to get us started creating the perfect logo for you.  Vinaya will work with you to bring your vision to life. 

Your work of art will be finished within 2 weeks. Your wait time will generally not exceed 3-5 working days.  Once the concept is finalized, it takes 3 days to complete the design work. If there are any tweaks/changes, it can be completed in an extra 1 or 2 days time, without any additional charge. So the actual project duration is a maximum of 4 or 5 working days.

Terms of payment: 50% ($162.50) to be paid in advance. Balance is due when design is agreed upon. 



Be prepared to be amazed...


Logo Creation Form

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