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We've included some links to sites which will keep you in the minds of your clients throughout their week.  Always include your domain name on any advertising item that you give them, whether it's a coffee mug or a pen.  This will remind them that they need to book an appointment with you.   Eventually, you will become synonymous with your domain name, and they will always be able to reach you at your web address.  Just click on the links below to see the many ways that you can effectively market your business.

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If you are a spa or spa-related business, and you purchase or register any domain name through  Beauty Biz Domains, you will receive a 10% discount (up to $20) for your first year of listing on Spa Index!


Read our latest issue of E-spresso for helpful marketing ideas.


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Your services or products will be advertised to a select group that is looking for what you have to offer.

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Top Spa Sites - A Valuable Spa Information Resource and Directory.


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