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All Natural Wholesale

Monday, July 16th, 2007

     I am so excited! I feel like I’m sitting on a jewel and I haven’t even begun to advertise it. The All Natural Wholesale site is now open and ready for business. This site was made with the same intention that the ‘all natural beauty’ website was 4 years ago… it’s a site that should exist, but didn’t until now. The difference is that the anb site was created for those looking for 100% natural beauty products AND those that create and sell them. This new site will reach even more consumers in the end, because this site has been created for spas, holistic practitioners and natural food stores that want to sell and use 100% natural products AND those that manufacture them and sell them wholesale. Once again, these are 2 groups that have traditionally had a difficult time finding each other. Now, through this new site… they can! :)

     I am so honored to offer this site to businesses that want to cater to those looking for the ‘real thing’ when it comes to Organic Beautycare. Just like with the ‘all natural beauty’ site, I can clearly see 2 groups in search of each other, and I believe so strongly that NOW is the time. ‘Build it, and they will come’ has been the overiding sense that I have got throughout the building of this site, and I have no doubt that it will come to be. For anyone reading this, please tell your local organic food store or spa about this new site. That way you will reap the benefits by having them available to sell to you. If you have a favorite spa, make sure that they only use all-natural products on you. If they are not, ask them why. Then guide them to  Use your voice to stand up for what’s right. Synthetics have been casually used on us for far too long. Now there’s an answer… all-natural beauty and health care! We already have 16 all-natural vendors ready to share their wholesale, drop ship, professional, affiliate, bulk, and private label programs and offerings with businesses. We look forward to serving you!