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What a weekend!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

After many months of preparation, the Jeanne Rose Blending Workshop took shape and became a fabulous moment in time for all that attended.  It began with a rainy night, as the students arrived one by one just after 6:00 pm. They were invited to grab a nice warm cup of tea (SharAmbrosia Dreamland or Sunny Day, of course! :)  and settle in. I could sense the excitement that they all had, I should say, that we all shared. Jeanne isn’t just another teacher, she is the master of the subjects that she teaches. She offers decades of wisdom about herbs and aromatherapy. I guess you could say “She wrote the book on herbs and aromatherapy”. In truth, she’s written over 20 books on these subjects! It was a beautiful time to be having the class, as the colors of the fall season were at their peak. The event was held in our home in PA, near Reading. We are situated in what used to be part of the camp next door. In fact it was their lodge at one time. So I guess you could kind of picture the big cozy stone fireplace, lots of wood beams and floors, pine trees galore outside, etc…

The first night we worked on the foundation of blending essential oils. The hows and the whys, weights and measurements, and we even did some hands-on experimentation, passing our formulas around the room to see which ways of blending had what effects. It gave us a great place to start the next days class.

Saturday morning the class formed again, bright and early at 9:00 am. The rain continued coming down, and this time it made for a cozy time as we watched it fall outside through the big windows. We were all given workbooks the night before, and we began creating our own blends. The countertop next to where we sat was filled with a long row of tiny glass vials filled with different essential oils. This was an all-natural beauty enthusiast’s dream, the chance to choose between so many exotic oils! One by one, Jeanne would discuss the purpose of each blend, whether it be therapeutic, for perfumery, for respitory, for emotions, or for skincare, interspersed with stories about her colorful past. Did you know that she was a tailor for the Jefferson Airplane back in the sixties? She’s got a million stories, and they are all fascinating!

Around 1:00, just like magic, the sun came out and put a most beautiful glow on the lake outside, as we formed the salad bar line. Each student made her own healthy salad and made her way out to the deck. This was a great chance to mingle, eat, and talk about how fun it was to get together with like-minded people. After lunch we went back to work, blending and learning. Did you know that Orange peels should not be thrown into the compost pile? It kills micro-organisms and even the earth worms! This is one of those little facts that I learned this time around. Who knew?

The actual class ended at 4:00, but most stuck around to ask more questions and to have Ms. Rose sign their books. At 5:00, most of us headed out to a restaurant (a historic inn) up the street. We had a nice big table booked upstairs in a private area where we feasted on beautiful meals, and had wonderful conversation. It was a great chance to be with eachother and Jeanne in a comfortable, elegant atmosphere, away from the classroom.

Sunday began once again right at 9:00 (Jeanne is known for being ‘on time’, which is appreciated by everyone). We tucked away our tea cups and began the day learning about blending, and creating our scented masterpieces. The schedule went the same way as the day before, with lunch again at 1:00, and ending exactly at 2:00, when we got back to work and finished up the class at 4:00. All of the students bought books, most bought Jeanne’s essential oil kits (she offers several different types that are categorized into various needs like the ‘Womens Care’ kit, the ‘Sports Relief’ kit, ‘Colds & Flu’ etc..), and most bought various SharAmbrosia all-natural beauty products from a special table that we’d set up at the back of the room. All of the products were wrapped with care and handed out at the end of the class along with an Aloe vera plant as my way of saying ‘thanks for attending’. The room absolutely glowed with good feelings as we all parted, knowing that we’d made many new friends that weekend. While I was a bit tired for the next several days, I felt really great! I’ve been in contact with almost every one of the students since, and have made plans to see many of them again in the near future.

If you ever get a chance to take a Jeanne Rose workshop, my advice would be to not hesitate, just sign up! You will be in great company, and in the presence of a master herbalist, aromatherapist, teacher, author, and a most awesome lady! What a weekend! :)

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