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It’s a Shear Miracle!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

     I want to share a wonderful experience that I had yesterday. A new manufacturer joined our site and new mall as one of our ANB Partners a couple of weeks ago. I had found her through a site for owners of green companies that I joined not too long ago. By pure chance I visited the site and saw Robyn’s profile there. Noticing that she was into natural beauty care and lived in my neighboring county I just had to find out more, so I contacted her. After thoroughly investigating her site, I was totally impressed by her. We spoke by phone and I felt comfortable with her immediately. She is such a warm, likeable person, and on top of that… she is completely passionate about ALL NATURAL BEAUTY!

     Now, let me give you a little background about my hair. First of all, while I am passionate about all-natural beauty care, I have not gone all natural with my hair color. I’ve rationalized that it doesn’t touch my scalp, I only get it done every few months, it’s the only thing I use for my beauty care that’s not all-natural, etc.. etc… etc.. But deep inside, I knew that it is not good to be using these toxic ingredients, anywhere. It’s not good for the health, and it gives money to those that are not creating natural products. This whole thing has been even worse in the fact that I have not been able to find a hairdresser that can make my hair color the way I want it to be! My hair has been looking terrible for quite awhile now, dried out, wierd colors, and plain ol’ ugly! So here I was, using toxic harsh chemicals, and for what? Ugly hair???

     So this is where my new friend Robyn comes in! Turns out, she is a hairdresser, as well as a manufacturer of all-natural beauty products! On her site, she has the option of getting some free literature. So I asked her to send that to me. It came within a couple of days, and I was very impressed once again! I was able to learn about her products indepth, and her missions and goals. When I found the coupon for $10 off my first service the light went on and I just knew that I had to go meet Robyn and have her use her wonderful products on my hair. She had told me about this fabulous professional line of hair color that she uses. She is a representative for the company, and travels around teaching salons and spas how to work with it. While it is not a 100% natural line, it is non-toxic and treats the hair in a much more respectful way. The hair gets healthier and healthier because it doesn’t dry out the hair or make it super porous the way usual bleach and color does. Needless to say, I was very excited about trying this out for myself. Especially since I really had nothing to lose!

     When I emailed Robyn, I asked about getting an immediate appointment (that’s just how ready I was!). Turns out that Robyn is so popular that it usually takes at least a couple of weeks to get in to see her. I was so thrilled when she sent me an email when she got a cancellation, and my appointment turned out to be sooner than expected. Turns out that her shop is temporarily situated in her mothers shop in beautiful Lancaster, PA. I entered to find Robyn finishing up with her client. I had also seen another client leave when I arrived. Both heads of hair were beautifully done, which alleviated any fears. I sat down and found the soft Celtic music playing and the gorgeous scents from her nebulizer to be so relaxing! There was a wonderful feel to the place, filled with joy! Robyn was very welcoming to me, and I felt very comfortable immediately.

      When it was my turn, I showed Robyn a picture in a magazine that she had there. I showed her the picture of the natural looking blond on the page and said that was exactly what I’m looking for, including the cut. The style that I went in with was basically what you would call ‘no style at all’. It just hung there, looking terrible, not enhancing anything. Plus, she even said that she saw tinges of green in there! Eeeek! I new that I enjoy going green with my lifestyle… but not with my hair color! We talked about the options, and what became clear was that I needed the works. Not only would I need highlights, but I needed to start by coloring the whole head of hair first with a medium golden brown tone. Needless to say, this is a time consuming process. I asked Robyn if she had time for all of this and without hesitation she said of course. I assumed by her answer that she meant she had no more clients for the day, and I felt comforted knowing that I would get what I needed.

     Robyn began by mixing up the color and began putting it through my hair in sections. My initial visceral reaction was to get ready to not breathe fully, as everyone knows how much hair color products… well, they stink! Here’s where the huge surprise came in… it smelled fabulous!!!!!! No stinging eyes, no respiratory problems, just beautiful soft scent! It was put directly on my scalp, yet there was no stinging, no itching, nothing! Once the product was on, she placed me under the hair dryer for about 10 minutes. Then it had a cooling off period. Somewhere along the line, another client did come in. It was a man that came in for a haircut. He left, buying products for him and his wife, scheduling his next appointment. Another happy client. Also at some point, Robyn’s mother came in and was assisting wherever she could. Robyn worked the other client right in like clockwork. Robyn shampooed my excess color out. This was my chance to experience Robyn’s fabulous Shear Mirables shampoo. She used the ‘Wild Child’ version which is for adding volume to my fine hair. Smelled great! The next step was for my hair cut. Robyn duplicated the photo exactly, even making subtle adjustments for my hair type. She is so good, very confident, experienced, and I never doubted anything she did for one second! At this point another client came in and Robyn told her that she would be a bit late. The client went off with Robyn’s mom to look at some photos that she brought.

     Next came the highlighting, again, no bad smells, no allergic reactions, it was so unbelievable! Again, I was put under the hairdryer. Another client came in somewhere along the line. I remember at one point, Robyn’s mother brought over the bowl of hair product to put onto one of the other clients about 4 feet away from me and that visceral ‘get away from that’ feeling came upon me again. Then I realized, oh yeah, I’m in an organic salon. I don’t have to fear here! :) I breathed freely, and realized in that moment that this is the salon of the future. This is the gospel that I have been spreading, THIS is where I want to be! Another client eventually came in and I realized there were now 4 of us, and only 1 hair dresser! But Robyn just kept going like the Energizer Bunny, being her sweet and fun self, performing her magic all around me, while the soft Celtic music played on, and the mood stayed happy and relaxing.

     I felt bad that I was making others late for their scheduled appointments, but Robyn said that she always gives her best to her clients, and they know that sometimes she may be slightly late for them. But they will get the same full attention, and all that they need. They were all very nice about it, and the comeraderie among the clients made me realize that this was a great salon, and a great reflection of Robyn. It also made me realize how wonderful an atmosphere without toxic chemicals can be for the spirit. I remember many a salon or spa that I would be in and I couldn’t wait to get out because I just couldn’t take one more perm or color going on to someone next to me, or even  several feet away. Most salons are very toxic. I just hope that others will catch on and go the way Robyn has gone! I know that it will happen, but it just can’t happen soon enough.

     Well, the last step of the process was the great reveal of my new look. My color was rinsed out, this time I also got to experience the Shear Miracles Wild Child conditioner as well as the shampoo… yummy! I sat down in Robyn’s chair again, as she began blow drying everything into shape. She did something that most hair dressers don’t take the time to do… educate! She told me to pin the top portion of the hair up while I blow dried the bottom layers, then work up. Makes sense, how come no one else has pointed this out? She is so special! Once the hair was styled I took a look in the mirror and felt simply beautiful! My look was so much more youthful and vibrant. The hair looked shiney and healthy, and the color… perfection! If you held the photo from the magazine up to my head you would have said it was identical. Man oh man is she good!

     I ended up purchasing the mousse that she used, along with the shampoo and conditioner. Can’t wait to try them out! As I was leaving, I said goodbye to the room of all my new friends (3 clients sitting around the room in various stages of hair processing) and Robyn and her mother, when someone asked, Did you want to book your next appointment?” I thought, “Hmmm, I never know when I’m going to need it this far in advance”. So I asked “Do you think I should?” The entire room in unison said “YES”. I thought that was so funny. But I also thought 2 things at once. First of all, they know that she is so good that you need to book in advance to get one of her prized spots. Secondly, even after they were all kept waiting for their appointments, they still LOVE Robyn and know, as do I, that they have found one of the best kept secrets in all of Lancaster County… Robyn of Shear Miracles!

     Needless to say, I have found my new hair dresser. And I am now a complete convert to this line of non-toxic coloring products! To learn more about these products that Robyn represents, please contact her at 717-431-7422 or 888-223-7986. Also, make sure to learn more about her own line of Shear Miracles Skin & Hair Products at her website:  If you go to one of those old fashioned toxic salons, please share this information with your hair dresser. You could be saving lives!

Blessings to you and yours,


anb Mall Now Open For Business!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

On 8-8-8 the ANB Mall opened for business at!

What’s the difference between this site and the anb Portal or US ‘all natural beauty’ website?

This site is all about choice and selection, as well as making sure that you find the products that you are looking for. While our past sites have been sticklers for ‘all natural’, this site invites those with a few naturally derived ingredients. In the past, we’ve had to turn many great companies down because they did not meet our ultra-strict standards for listing each and every ingredient on their site, and not having a product line that consisted of mostly 100% natural products.

While we still care deeply about those with chemical sensitivities and those seeking 100% natural, we know that many of you just want a more natural alternative to the standard fare of ‘beauty’ products out there. There are many properties of the ‘derived’ ingredients that unfortunately cannot be attained by all-natural. Therefore, you will find everything from 100% pure to products that are ‘purer than most’ in the mall. The way to see if a company is part of our ‘all natural beauty’ Portal or US site is to look on their storefront window. If you see the anb Partner Seal (A beautiful green leaf design) you know that they have passed stricter standards than the others on the site. But this in no way diminishes what the others have to offer! We have hand selected each and every store on the mall to make sure that they are awesome companies making awesome products! You’ll even be able to search for specific brands and products with the Search feature on the Home Page.

We hope that you will enjoy this new mall, and tell your friends about it. To make it even more interesting and fun, you’ll find monthly articles from our friends Li Wong (Solarkat’s Eco Blog) & Pennie Mills (Ladies Blend). These gals are passionate about their subjects, and we know that you’ll enjoy what they have to say. There will also be monthly special offers, and much more. So please visit today, and remember to share this site with those you love! And remember… there are no escalators or parking spaces to find. You can be there in seconds! :)

Now let’s get shopping! or



See our Full Press Release here:

Help support small cosmetic businesses and suppliers!

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Hi everyone

Sharon (owner of All Natural Beauty website and portal and forum) asked me to post about the FDA Globalization Act of 2008 so I am cross-posting an entry from my blog (Solarkat’s Eco Blog) here on the ANB blog! Please help support small cosmetic businesses and suppliers like many of the businesses that are partners of all natural beauty website and portal, or like SharAmbrosia (Sharon’s wonderful all natural spa store).

Sharon has also written more information on this legislation that is going through Congress (the House), and has provided a list on who to contact to stop this legislation!

ANB information click here

Please sign the petition (see info below) and write to Congress by this Tuesday August 5th! We need your support!


From my blog (

Please read about and sign a petition against the FDA Globalization Act of 2008. If passed, this legislation would mandate huge annual registration fees (at least $2000) and import fees (at least $10,000), which would greatly affect many existing and new small cosmetic businesses and suppliers (This legislation could cause many small businesses to go out of business. Many companies would not be able to afford the yearly fees. Also the majority of natural ingredients like essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, and herbs are grown/made in other countries, which would affect many suppliers). It would also affect consumers who love hand crafted products and who like supporting small businesses (less of a choice of natural and hand crafted cosmetics, and also huge increases in prices since small business companies and suppliers who pay the fees would have to increase prices to stay in business).

This is an issue that I am really concerned with as a long time crafter, a new small business owner, and a supporter of small businesses (many of which are usually family or woman owned or that are usually more ecological and social conscious, or that focus on natural cosmetics). Most of my favorite companies and suppliers are small businesses. Though I support more regulation of the cosmetic industry to increase safety in cosmetics, and support some (but not all) of the proposals in this legislation (like required registration of companies and listing of all ingredients in a product or following good manufacturer practices, which many small companies already do) I do not support the annual fees since they do not take into consideration the situation of or affect it will have on small cosmetic businesses and suppliers, especially the all natural and natural based cosmetic industries.

For more information on the issue or what you can do, check out Indie Beauty’s business blog and forum below (the owner of Indie Beauty Network, Donna Maria, is a well known natural cosmetics author and was a D.C. attorney). Sign their petition on the blog and also write to congress (the House, especially to the representatives on the energy and commerce committee) and tell them what you think! Read Indie Beauty’s forum for in depth discussion of the issue, and viewpoints of cosmetic owners and suppliers.

Link to the House’s Energy and Commerce committee (to read the draft of the proposed law)

Thanks for reading, and please support small cosmetic businesses and suppliers!