anb Mall Now Open For Business!

On 8-8-8 the ANB Mall opened for business at!

What’s the difference between this site and the anb Portal or US ‘all natural beauty’ website?

This site is all about choice and selection, as well as making sure that you find the products that you are looking for. While our past sites have been sticklers for ‘all natural’, this site invites those with a few naturally derived ingredients. In the past, we’ve had to turn many great companies down because they did not meet our ultra-strict standards for listing each and every ingredient on their site, and not having a product line that consisted of mostly 100% natural products.

While we still care deeply about those with chemical sensitivities and those seeking 100% natural, we know that many of you just want a more natural alternative to the standard fare of ‘beauty’ products out there. There are many properties of the ‘derived’ ingredients that unfortunately cannot be attained by all-natural. Therefore, you will find everything from 100% pure to products that are ‘purer than most’ in the mall. The way to see if a company is part of our ‘all natural beauty’ Portal or US site is to look on their storefront window. If you see the anb Partner Seal (A beautiful green leaf design) you know that they have passed stricter standards than the others on the site. But this in no way diminishes what the others have to offer! We have hand selected each and every store on the mall to make sure that they are awesome companies making awesome products! You’ll even be able to search for specific brands and products with the Search feature on the Home Page.

We hope that you will enjoy this new mall, and tell your friends about it. To make it even more interesting and fun, you’ll find monthly articles from our friends Li Wong (Solarkat’s Eco Blog) & Pennie Mills (Ladies Blend). These gals are passionate about their subjects, and we know that you’ll enjoy what they have to say. There will also be monthly special offers, and much more. So please visit today, and remember to share this site with those you love! And remember… there are no escalators or parking spaces to find. You can be there in seconds! :)

Now let’s get shopping! or



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