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Spring Fresh Sample Bag!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

     I’m so pleased to see how popular the ANB Mall has become in such a short amount of time. It doesn’t hurt to be found at the domain But besides the great domain, it is a very special place to shop. Just like with our other ANB Sites, selectivity is a beautiful thing! Only truly natural businesses are welcome to set up shop there, making this mall a one of a kind opportunity to find ‘the real thing’ when it comes to organic and natural beauty care.

     It’s one thing to look through the many stores and decide on which products to try. But we decided to make it easy on our visitors and have a way of trying many products from many stores at one time. Thus, the Spring Fresh Sample Bag was born! This is our answer to your question of “Do you offer samples?” Right now, and for a very limited time, I can say “YES, WE DO!” :)

     Eleven of our merchants have come forward, offering a total of 25 products (some sample, and some full-sized) to be added to our cute lime green ANB Mall bag. This bag contains everything from toothpaste to body oil, plus sunscreen, mineral makeup, skin care and more! We began selling our bag one week ago and already we’ve sold 25% of them immediately. The first round of bags were packed and shipped today, and they are so fun! Each bag is wrapped up like a special gift, filled with separate goodies, some in their own cute little bags. In fact, they would make for a wonderful gift, especially at just $34.35 each (there is a 2 bag limit per person). There is also a shipping and handling charge of just $6.95.

     The amazing part about the price is that if you were to add up all of the actual items in this bag, they would be priced at $134.35. So you are actually saving $100! Just think if you were to go to each of these stores and purchase these samples. I’m sure that the cost of shipping alone would be at least $25. This is your opportunity to try several all-natural stores’ products at one time, in the comfort of your own home. You will be so glad that you did! I cannot recommend this bag highly enough, and being that there is a limited supply… I wouldn’t wait if I were you. ;-)

Products have generously been provided by:

·          Cosmetics Without Synthetics –

·          VedaSun –

·          Alexandra Avery –

·          Dropwise Essentials –

·          Ferro Cosmetics –

·          Sea Chi Organics –

·          MelanSol Sunscreen –

·          Monave Mineral Cosmetics –

·          Evan’s Garden –

·          Rosa y Fruta –

·          Shear Miracles Organic Salon & Products –

Purchase your Spring Fresh Sample Bag here:

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