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July 16th, 2007

     I am so excited! I feel like I’m sitting on a jewel and I haven’t even begun to advertise it. The All Natural Wholesale site is now open and ready for business. This site was made with the same intention that the ‘all natural beauty’ website was 4 years ago… it’s a site that should exist, but didn’t until now. The difference is that the anb site was created for those looking for 100% natural beauty products AND those that create and sell them. This new site will reach even more consumers in the end, because this site has been created for spas, holistic practitioners and natural food stores that want to sell and use 100% natural products AND those that manufacture them and sell them wholesale. Once again, these are 2 groups that have traditionally had a difficult time finding each other. Now, through this new site… they can! :)

     I am so honored to offer this site to businesses that want to cater to those looking for the ‘real thing’ when it comes to Organic Beautycare. Just like with the ‘all natural beauty’ site, I can clearly see 2 groups in search of each other, and I believe so strongly that NOW is the time. ‘Build it, and they will come’ has been the overiding sense that I have got throughout the building of this site, and I have no doubt that it will come to be. For anyone reading this, please tell your local organic food store or spa about this new site. That way you will reap the benefits by having them available to sell to you. If you have a favorite spa, make sure that they only use all-natural products on you. If they are not, ask them why. Then guide them to  Use your voice to stand up for what’s right. Synthetics have been casually used on us for far too long. Now there’s an answer… all-natural beauty and health care! We already have 16 all-natural vendors ready to share their wholesale, drop ship, professional, affiliate, bulk, and private label programs and offerings with businesses. We look forward to serving you!



Jeanne Rose will be returning to the East Coast next Fall

February 26th, 2007

Just an update, not only will Jeanne be returning next year to Pennsylvania, but we will be her sponsor! :)

For anyone that loves aromatherapy, you will not be dissappointed. This is your opportunity to ask questions to your heart’s content, and learn the art and science of blending essential oils for beauty and health.  We will offer a warm and intimate setting for you to learn from the best, Ms. Jeanne Rose, author of 20 books on aromatherapy & herbology.

Here’s a link to get you started that will give more details:

  More Info

If I can be of any help, just let me know.


Jeanne Rose Visits PA – Nov. 11 2006

November 13th, 2006

     I just had a really nice weekend that I’d like to share.  Saturday morning I arrived at a very quaint herb store called The Rosemary House, located in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Actually the class was held next door at an equally cute historic building which houses a tea room called Sweet Rememberances.  Both of these businesses are run by two sisters, Suzanne and Nancy, that continue the herbal tradition started by their mother when she created the business back in 1967.

      The morning started off with hospitality pastries, coffee and herbal tea, while the participants met and chatted about our love of herbs and Jeanne.  The class promptly started at 9:30, when Jeanne Rose was introduced, and began to share her vast knowledge with us.  I always say that learning from Jeanne Rose is an opportunity not to be missed.  This was my second class with her, and this one held up to my high expectations.  She was there to teach, and that’s what she did.  She began with hydrosols, essential oils and the art of distillation, then answered some questions.  There were students at every level.  Which worked fine, because the informal class was geared to everyone’s needs.

     Some tidbits of information that I enjoyed was hearing her personal stories of how she acquired an essential oil of Rose that was 80 years old.  Fortunately one of her past students had a vial of it that he had acquired from her, and we all got to smell this exquisite, rare scent.  She also passed around other expensive and beautiful eo’s like Jasmine and Sandalwood.  We learned that Ms. Rose has some hydrosols from the 90’s that are still intact and smell great, which further emphasized her point that proper distillation creates a better, more long-lasting product.  These hydrosols don’t have a separate preservation system in place.  The fact that they were created in a sterile way, and that their pH is 5 or less has kept them in their great condition. She also mentioned that they have been kept in her basement at around 55 degrees.

     On the subject of essential oils, she mentioned that 5-10 drops should be used in the bath, depending on the size of the bath, and the oil used.  She also made a point of saying that eo’s do not have the same properties of hydrosols.  Did you know that eating certain foods before working with eo’s can make you sick?  Foods that are high in carbohydrates are one such group.  Jeanne suggests lettuce and other low carb choices instead.  Foods that are highly fatted will reduce your ability to perceive odors because all energy is going towards digestion.  Also, the more you drink, the more your ability to smell is altered.  So for the serious aromatherapists, it’s best to create your blends in the early morning, before drinking anything, and not after a heavy carb-loaded or fatty meal. 

     Mid-day we enjoyed a small break, with just enough time to get up, stretch our legs (and go next door to the herb shop and purchase our herbal supplies and Jeanne Rose books).  Then we enjoyed an incredibly delicious lunch back in the tea room (and I do mean delicious!).  After a relaxing meal, Jeanne once again got back to what she does best, teach about herbs and aromatherapy!  We learned what Jeanne’s favorite beauty ingredients are: Rosemary, Seaweed, Comfrey, Chamomile, Peppermint, Calendula and Roses, and how she uses them.  Jeanne has the most beautiful skin, and is a walking testament to no-nonsense all-natural beauty care. :-)

     More questions were answered, more facts were shared (too many to mention here), and then in turn, everyone in the class shared what their personal favorite herbs and eo’s were.  This was such a nice and interesting group.  There were about 24 of us.  I always feel at home in a class like this.  It’s so nice to learn from others, to be with like-minded people, and of course, to have Jeanne Rose there sharing her wisdom with us.  I can’t say enough about the setting, it was lovely and warm, just like the Indian summer weather that we experienced that day in November, when it should have been cold and dreary.  It was the perfect day to roam the herbal garden located behind the tea room, and to have a wonderful class about herbs and aromatherapy.

     I understand that Jeanne will be back again next year at the same location.  I urge anyone that reads this to sign up, it’ll be well worth the trip!  A special thank you to Jeanne Rose, teacher and author of 20 books, and someone that I admire and respect.  She is both a leader and pioneer in the field of all-natural beauty and health, and I’m so very proud to know her.  What a great day it was!

Sharon Houghton

10 – 23 – 06… The dream has been realized

October 23rd, 2006

     Today is the day that our new anbPortal site opens to a few special guests. It’s a dream that has been in the works for many months.  I guess you could say that this has been my ’secret’ little project.

     What is the Portal you may ask?  It’s the blending of our 2 “all natural beauty” sites into one all-inclusive web portal that is bigger and better, with many new features that will make this the site you’ll visit for all of your natural beauty needs. :-)

     What are the new features?

  • Well, to start off, easier navigation. Hooray!
  • Picture Icons next to all of Advertising Partner Listings!  These little pics will tell you where you can find out more about Partners on our site.  For example, now instead of Manufacturer Spotlights, we offer ‘Personality’ Spotlights. Just click on the icon and you’ll go straight to the Q & A interview with that particular Partner.  If they’ve written articles, click on the book icon and see their article(s). If any of their products have been in our Product Spotlight, you’ll be able to click on the product icon and be taken to their Spotlight.  Also, you’ll still be able to find out if a US Partners ships outside the US or not, and who gives a full ingredient listing of each product, and who uses a master list of ingredients.
  • Membership! Now you can become an anbMember!  For just $10 per year, you’ll get perks like FREE Auctioning, FREE Classified Ad placements, Adding and posting to our anbBlog, your own Control Panel, and a FREE SharAmbrosia photo for your home computer screen or website every month. You’ll also be able to upload your own Events and Recipes.
  • New CategoryBulk Ingredients! Find your ingredients from those that supply them.  If they’re on the anb website, you know they’ve got to be pure!
  • More Articles!  Go to the Research area to find articles not presented on either our US or International sites, including some Off-Site Articles. But of course you’ll be able to find our same All Natural Info articles too. They are worth reading over and over.
  • Events – When we hear of any events that we think you’ll enjoy, they will be posted on this page.  If you are a member, of course, you’ll be able to add your own.

     Our anb site is moving up to the next level, and we want you to come along for the ride.  As our community grows, it becomes more fun, more informative, and will have a larger impact on a world that needs our help.  Thanks for visiting this blog, and please tell your friends about us. Our site will continue to grow and provide you with exactly what you are looking for, and more.  And please, fill out our Comments and Suggestions form. We’d love to know what you thinking.  Thank you for being such a valuable asset to our site!

Very sincerely,

Sharon Houghton

Founder and Director of the “all natural beauty” Website

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