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Oh Acne, Ugly Acne

How to Treat Teenage Acne


   Acne will happen. Often happens to teenagers when they are beginning to have hormonal changes. It usually is a really big drag for them. Kids will often do horrible things to their skin: scrub with an SOS pad, apply poisonous dangerous o-t-c preparations, and cover with pore clogging makeup. Here are some good and easy methods that will help.

Clay - detoxifies and adsorbs. Take vitamins when you take clay.

Eat clay - 1 t. edible clay in a bit of water followed by a full glass of water.

Clay Masks - bit of green clay in palm, add 1 t. Lavender or Rose Geranium hydrosol, apply to face or just to zits, let dry, rinse copiously, and spray with Melissa hydrosol.

What you eat:

     Eat clean foods, simple broiled fowl or oily fish (salmon or sardine), lots of complicated green salads, lots of food with color. A variety of steamed veggies; beets, dandelion greens, squash (A), celery, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc. Eat one Orange, one Apple, one Tomato and one Carrot every day. See Herbal Guide to Food by Jeanne rose for details.


     Take a good B vitamin in the a.m. with oil-soluble vitamin A and Ca/Mg + zinc and oil-soluble E in the evening before bed. There are some good vitamin combos on the market that are specifically for the skin.

What to apply or drink:

  Herbs: Herbal compresses of Licorice, Violet leaves and Comfrey root and leaf; herbal baths, facial steams and add essential oils and hydrosols to your herbal treatments for a true synergy of aromatic healing. See Herbal Body Book by Jeanne rose for details.

  Herbs to take internally: Red Clover tea (Trifolium pratense) along with other herbals is very useful to take as a daily tea. It is considered a blood cleanser and extremely effective in aiding chronic skin conditions such as acne.

Essential oil treatments:

     There are many essential oil's for treatment of acne. See The Herbal Body Book as well as The Aromatherapy Book for names and formulas. See The Aromatherapy Book • Applications & Inhalations and 375 Essential oils and Hydrosols by Jeanne rose.

Hydrosols always:

     A synergy of herbal treatment and aromatherapy. Hydrosols are imperative in the treatment of juvenile and adult acne. You can use them in the clay masks, compresses, as direct applications. Since they have a far less powerful odor, kids won't mind using them in public or at school. The best are Lavender from California (it contains borneol), Melissa, or Rose Geranium. However, if you can, get Tea Tree (antibacterial), Linden or Witch Hazel (anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and a powerful antioxidant).

Seborrhea Dermatitis - Your skin can react if you abruptly change your diet, or suddenly become a vegan, abstaining from all meat and animal products. It is possible that you are not getting enough of the B vitamins. A deficiency of these vitamins or an inability to assimilate them has been shown to play a role in conditions such as seborrhea dermatitis and Rosacea. You wish to remember this and culturally and genetically you may need meat products. Don't restrict your diet suddenly. You may need to take your B vitamins sublingually for full assimilation. You may also need iron. These conditions can also be a result of toxin build up in the body but we are often too quick to say toxins.

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Internationally acclaimed author, Jeanne Rose, has graciously offered her recipes and writings to be used on the "all natural beauty" web site.  Jeanne has been in the forefront of the movement towards using all natural products for many years.  She is a master herbalist and aromatherapist that has made a huge impact in the field at large.  Please visit Jeanne's web site (jeannerose.net) to see her many books that she has written, as well as her all-natural products, educational opportunities and her special program, the "Aromatic Plant Project".  You may call her at (415) 564-6785.

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