J e a n n e  R o s e  B l e n d i n g  W o r s h o p
O c t o b e r  2 0 0 7 ,  M o h n t o n  ,  P A

What a beautiful weekend it was as students took time out of their busy lives to focus on one subject...
The blending of essential oils for health & beauty

Everyone came to learn from the premiere teacher of our time, Ms. Jeanne Rose. Some came as far as Rhode Island, Virginia and New York. Sponsored by SharAmbrosia, this workshop was one that had a beautiful synergy that was felt by all. It was both relaxing, and intensive. It was a moment in time that will be remembered by all that attended.

See Sharon's Blog about the event at anbBlogs


Such a wide array of eo's to choose from

A student happily enjoying her tea

Lots to learn at this workshop

Everyone created several blends

A relaxed yet serious-minded group

Personal attention from Jeanne Rose

A relaxing break on the patio

A student enjoying her salad lunch

Working on a blend can be so much fun

A student with her SharAmbrosia gift basket

Choosing which eo's to use from the list

Lunch was a welcome break for all

This was a hands-on learning weekend

Jeanne and student enjoying lunch

A student shares her concept for her blend

Three students enjoying lunch and relaxing

Jeanne Rose signing students' books

The SharAmbrosia product table


A cozy scene on a beautiful day, as students mingle and eat a healthy lunch

Photos taken by SharAmbrosia Photography, used with written permission from all students that attended this workshop.



To learn more about Jeanne Rose, her amazing books, her aromatherapy
and herbal studies courses and upcoming events, and more:
visit JeanneRose.net

For more information about SharAmbrosia:

visit SharAmbrosia.com



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