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  When it comes to learning about 'all-natural beauty', it is a mixed bag.  On the one hand, it is filled with light-hearted beauty facts and recipes which can be a lot of fun.  While at the same time, it could be considered a very in-depth scientific and health-related topic, that at times may be quite controversial.

    Our goal is to bring you solid information, so that you can make informed choices about being a truly "Natural Beauty".

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Our Own All Natural Info Articles:


Searching for the Truth by Debbie Bilezikian

Learn about which ingredients to avoid in your personal care products.


Baby Girl by Sharon Houghton

Read about one woman's path to all natural beauty enlightenment.


Beauty the Herbal Way by Sharon Houghton

Learn the basics about extracting herbal properties.


Natural Preservatives by Sharon Kinnier

Find out which preservatives work to preserve beauty products naturally.


How to Paint a Natural Face by Debbie Medina

This article teaches how to apply all-natural makeup for a "natural" look.


Homemade Spa Luxury by Sharon Houghton (and Forum Friends)

Find out the importance of pampering, and how you can achieve it in the privacy of your own home.


Aromatherapy Based Skin Care by Karie Wagner

Learn about the importance of using pure essential oils in your skin care products.


Heat Up Those Winter Blues by Sharon Houghton

Many herbs and essential oils have warming properties.  Learn which ones do, and how to use them.


"Natural"- Sorting Through the Mess by Debbie Bilezikian

How can you distinguish between natural and unnatural ingredients on labels? This article will help you.


Ideas for the Garden of your Dreams by Sharon Houghton

This article will give you information, insight and inspiration before you begin your actual planting.


Synthetic Oleochemical & Petrochemical List by Sharon Kinnier

Here is an important list that will help you to know un-natural ingredients when you see them.


Chemicals Can Make You Fat by Marj Melchiors

There are more reasons now to avoid the use of un-natural chemicals, they can make you fat!


Aging and Youth by Evan Johnson

A beautifully written article about the joys of getting older and how to stay healthy while doing it.


Thalassotherapy: The Limu Experience by Alexandra Avery

Learn secrets from an insider in this article about tropical beauty treatments... seaweed, salts and more.


Handmade Cosmetics in Ancient Times by Debbie Bilezikian

Ancient Handmade Cosmetics

Find out which ingredients were used, how they were worn, and what it meant.


Natural Cosmetics by Alexandra Avery

Natural Cosmetics

Learn which natural cosmetics are good for your skin type, how to use them, and much more.


Look Years Younger in Two Weeks by Karie Wagner

Learn simple lymph-drainage techniques to improve your appearance and health.


Relax... Heal... Beautify by Sharon Houghton

Big and little sisters

Our society can be a bit twisted when it comes to health and beauty. Here's a different viewpoint.


Living with Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities by Yvonne Du Fresne

One woman's story about how she learned to cope with harmful chemicals in our environment.


Let's Hear It For The Bees! by Rachel

Learn the basics about bees, and the important contributions that they make.


Seavegetables by Louise Gaudet

Seaweed is chock full of vitamins and essential minerals.  Find out how it is used in beauty care, along with helpful recipes for beauty and cooking.


Creative Cosmetics For Children by Debbie Bilezikian

It's time to get a little messy, for a good cause.  Teach your kids how to use all-natural ingredients in a fun way.  It's a lesson that will be remembered forever.


Infusing Oils with Herbs and Flowers by Lynda Parkhurst

Learn how to infuse herbs and flowers from your own garden into oil to create all-natural beauty products from scratch.

Certified Organic Beauty? by Abi Weeds
What are the current regulations for labeling a product as 'organic'?  Who is in charge, and is anyone protecting the public when it comes to actually certifying organic beauty care?
Herb Harvesting and Drying by Garima Fairfax
Learn the important steps that go into retrieving the bountiful gifts from your herb garden.
Change Has Come by Debbie Bilezikian
There is exciting evidence that the larger natural beauty manufacturers are taking notice and making positive changes.

Bubble Babble - Or... Finally, All You Ever Wanted to Know About Soap! by Jacquelyn Ramsey

With all of the different types of soap available, how can you decipher which ones are good for you, and especially... which ones are natural?  Finally, an article that will teach you the ins and outs of that thing we call "soap".


Holiday Gift Ideas! by Chandi Plank

Holiday Beauty Recipes

Holidays are the perfect time to try your hand at making all-natural beauty recipes and gift-giving ideas.  Here are some that you'll love.


Skin Care Ideas from Maine by Janet Edwards

Learn about ways that you can keep your skin soft and supple through the winter months.



The basic facts about what makes an emulsion, and what to look for in synthetic vs. natural.


Beauty Care - The All Natural Way by Sharon Houghton

Skin care basics, tips and recipes using common ingredients found in your kitchen.


Fresh Gardenia Infusion by Alexandra Avery

Find out how you can infuse your own Gardenias to make beautiful all-natural potions.


A Natural Products Home-Based Business: Is it Right for You? by Debbie Bilezikian

Maybe running your own all-natural beauty business from your home is your calling.

How Did Alice Manage to Last This Long? by Ivana Knezevic
A Slightly Philosophical Look at the Preservatives in Cosmetics
Scents of the Holidays! by Tina Gent
Holiday aromatherapeutic blends for your home for the holiday season.
Resolve to Relax your Mind and Body by Pennie Mills
The new year or any time is the perfect time to relax - Plus some homemade beauty recipes.
Operation: Love Thyself by Garima Fairfax
Celebrate the one that you spend the most time with... YOU.  Here are some lovely ideas.
Spas: A Return to Health by Hannah Rowanwood
Spas are beginning to realize the importance of going all-natural, slowly but surely.
Receiving a  Professional Massage 101 by Sharon Houghton
What you need to know to get over your fears about receiving a professional massage.
Essential Oils: What's Really in that Bottle? by Rosanne Tartaro
Find out what to ask for when purchasing your essential oils.
Cosmetic Ingredient Glossary by Ivana Knezevic
An abundant list of chemicals, from Natural to Synthetic and In-Between.
Botanical Medicine Woman, Modern Sage - Jeanne Rose by Alexandra Avery
Alexandra's personal story about her friend and mentor, the legendary Jeanne Rose.
Li's Quick Eco Tips - Benefits of All Natural Cosmetics by Li Wong
There are very good reasons for using all-natural beauty products, for both you... and for our environment.
Love's Delight by Alexandra Avery
Follow Valentina's travels down the aromatic path of love's twists and turns. A sensuous journey indeed!
All Natural Beauty for the over Forty Crowd by Deborah Bilezikian
A helpful guide for applying mineral makeup on the over-forty face. Practical tips for exquisite natural beauty.
Packaging - From All Sides by Sharon Houghton
We hear the experts' thoughts about what works and what doesn't when it comes to packaging beauty products.
The Abundant Oat Plant by Lynda Parkhurst
Learn ways to use Oats and Oat products in your beauty care regimen. It will become one of your favorites!
Rosacea: A New Way for an Old Problem by Sharon Udell
Many people suffer from this skin affliction. Learn what it is and what can be done to lessen the effects.
Teens - Makeup & Skincare by Deborah Bilezikian
Teens are quite specific about what they like. Learn what works best and how to maintain a healthy makeup and skin care regimen.
Secrets of a Natural Hairstylist by Sharon Houghton
What goes on in the daily lives of hairstylists, in particular, ones that believe in using all-natural products? Three stylists/all-natural beauty manufacturers share their insight.
Creating a Magical Valentine's Day by Gina Rafkind
Learn how to create your own all-natural Love Potions using essential oils, and how to use them.
Gluten Free Makeup... It is Possible by Sharen Udell
There's currently a lot of discussion about beauty products that contain gluten. Learn why some need to avoid these and why.
Facial Masks (or Masques) by Marge Clark
It's so important to treat your skin by using the correct ingredients for your own skin type. Learn how in this article.
What's in a Name: Nomenclature for Essential Oils, and why it's Important by Marge Clark
Not all herbs are the same, neither are essential oils. Learn how important it is to read and understand those labels.
Herbal Hair Care in a Modern World
by Marilyn Courtwright
Most people buy their hair care products for reasons of convenience or habit. Learn why that's probably not the best idea.
Fill Your Home with Living Light…Greener Candles Light the Way to a Brighter, Cleaner Future
by Jacquelyn Ramsey
An extensive article about choosing candles that are pure and healthy. You'll never see candles the same way again.
Back-To-Basics Beauty
by Tess MacPherson
There's a reason why our grandmothers used all-natural ingredients from the pantry... It works!
Herbal Skin Care in a Modern World
by Marilyn Courtwright
Marilyn Courtwright shares her thoughts on keeping your skin beautiful with a simple all-natural regimen.
The Modern Skin Alphabet: pH, AHA & BHA
by Ivana Knezevic
An in depth article revealing how pH balance works, and doesn't, depending on products and other factors.
Discover Ayurveda - And Unlock the Doorway to good Health
by Gina Rafkind
Learn about Ayurveda, the oldest form of medicine. Find out what your dosha is and how to live a life of harmony with it.
Ways to Use Herbs in Beauty Care
by Li Wong
Create your own herbal beauty formulations. It's easy, safe and fun when you know how to do it correctly.
Making and Using All-Natural Beauty Scrubs
by Sharon Houghton
It's simple to make your own face and body scrubs out of ingredients you can find in your pantry or local health store.
Food of the Gods... and Lovers
by Dawn Stewart
Chocolate has a very interesting history. It was in fact once reserved for nobility. Enjoy some delicious spa and beverage recipes.
What is Effective Skincare?
by Shannon Schroter
Effective skincare is not just about ingredients. While ingredients are very important, there is much more involved.
Tinea Versicolor - Not just a Surfers Condition
by Monika Peters
Learn about this little known skin condition that results in blotchy skin.
Fresh Holiday Idea! - Spice up the Season Naturally
by Sharon Houghton
There's nothing finer than the waft of all-natural holiday scents filling your home.
Does Your Hair Need to Blow Up the Volume?
by Robyn Atticks
If you have fine hair you'll love learning how to have it cut and styled to look its fullest and best.
What Your Nose Knows
by Alexandra Avery
Why is aromatherapy so important? Alexandra teaches us why, and what we can do to bring more of it into our daily lives.
Flower Waxes
by Jeanne Rose
Turning the essence of a Flower - into Solid Form.
Age Spots
by Li Wong
Learn natural ways to improve the skin and reduce age spots.
by Jeanne Rose
A fascinating composition about this little-known all-natural ingredient that comes from the Sperm Whale.
2012 - The Year of All Natural Skin Care
by Various ANB Authors
A retrospective look at articles, products and recipes from 2012, when we focused on 'Pure Skin Care'.
Treating Acne Naturally
by Li Wong
Li gives us the ins and outs of caring for acne using completely natural methods.
Spring 2013 Makeup Trends
by Teporah Bilezikian
Find out what's happening for Spring 2013 in makeup styles and colors.
Help from Dry Skin and Hair
by Li Wong
For those that suffer from dry skin and/or hair, Li has the answers to turn things around.
Grateful Body Open House
by Dr. Shanesha R. F. Brooks-Tatum
Find out how a gorgeous spring day became a fun time to visit Grateful Body and see new products .
The Truth about Borax
by Jacquelyn Ramsey
There are several myths surrounding the natural substance, Borax. Jacquelyn teaches us the truth.
Making Your Own Sunscreen: How Effective is it?
by Li Wong
Making Sunscreens
Li shares the pros and cons of making your own sunscreen at home and whether they are as effective as store-bought.
Formulating with Witch Hazel
by Li Wong
Making Sunscreens
Learn how to work with witch hazel to make your own skin care products, and how to preserve them safely.
Roots & Wings
by Sharon Houghton
There was a fun and interesting event that took place in Chester County, PA in October of 2013. If you love herbs you'll enjoy this article.
The Face of All Natural Beauty 2013
by Sharon Houghton
Making Sunscreens
Meet some of the beautiful women that visit our site. We find them to be simply inspirational!
4 Ways to Clean Up Your Skin Care
by Sharon Houghton
Making the switch to healthy beauty care is not only smart... it can be fun too! Learn 4 easy steps that you can take now.


Tech Tips :


Emulsions by Sharon Kinnier

Sharon gives us the inside scoop on the right way to create completely all-natural emulsions.


Beauty Recipes:


Homemade Beauty Recipes by Sharon Houghton

fun, easy-to-make homemade beauty recipes

A helpful guide to using natural ingredients for skin, hair & body treatments.  A unique and simple format.


Romantic Beauty Recipes by Jeanne Rose & Alexandra Avery

A list of herbs and essential oils with aphrodisiac properties, along with recipes & links.


The Writings & Recipes of  Jeanne Rose :  

Citrus - Lemons & Limes / Lemon Hand Cream / Bruise Juice by Jeanne Rose

See two of Jeanne Rose's favorite recipes, along with some interesting facts about citrus fruits.


Preserve Formula by Jeanne Rose

Learn how to use essential oils to preserve your lotions and water-based items naturally.


Lotions, Potions & and Pores, Creams and Moisturizers by Jeanne Rose

This article will teach you the basics of how to make your own all-natural lotions and creams.


S P A - Spa at Home by Jeanne Rose

Learn about the true meaning of "S P A", plus many recipes and at-home applications.  We highly recommend this article to beauty professionals that want to go all-natural at their spas.


Hydrosols by Jeanne Rose

It's time to find out everything that you've ever wanted to know about Hydrosols and Jeanne Rose's non-profit organization, the Aromatic Plant Project.


An Aromatic Glossary of Useful Terms by Jeanne Rose

Whether you use this as a resource or just read it as an article, you will find this to be a wealth of aromatic information.


Herbal Powders and Deodorants by Jeanne Rose

Advice and recipes for making your own herbal powder and deodorant preparations.


Top 5 Acne Fighting Essential Oils by Jeanne Rose

Learn which essential oils and blends will help you to fight your acne in a completely natural way.


Bug-Free... Naturally by Jeanne Rose

Keeping the bugs away is best done by using natural methods. Learn what to use for mosquitoes, wasps and fleas.


Fixatives and What are They? by Jeanne Rose

Learn how to keep your aromatherapy blends from evaporating too quickly by using fixatives.


Bones and Body – What to do to Keep Your Bones Strong Aging Gracefully
 by Jeanne Rose

Find out what steps you can take now to become a healthier, happier 'older' person.


Tuberose - A Treasure
 by Jeanne Rose

Grown mostly in hot and tropical climates, this beautiful flower is a gift to all that smell it's sweetness.


The Secrets of the Lilac
 by Jeanne Rose

This cold weather species smells pungently sweet, and loved by those that know it well.


Relaxing with Lavender
 by Jeanne Rose

Lavender is highly prized for both its scent and healing properties. It's both relaxing and stimulating at the same time!


How To Use An Avocado For Beauty Care
 by Jeanne Rose

Jeanne Rose shares 11 different beauty recipes using one of the most nourishing botanicals around... the Avocado!


50 Ways to use Essential Oils for a Cleaner, Sweet-Smelling Life
 by Jeanne Rose

How many ways can we use essential oils to freshen up, clean and make our lives more enjoyable? Learn 50 right here.


An Aromatic Wedding (C)
 by Jeanne Rose

Why should your wedding be any less natural and organic than the rest of your life? Learn ways to accomplish this.


Emotional Effects of Essential Oils (Calming)
 by Jeanne Rose


Learn which essential oils have a calming effect and why, and why some should but don't.

Flower Waxes
by Jeanne Rose
Turning the essence of a Flower - into Solid Form.
by Jeanne Rose
A fascinating composition about this little-known all-natural ingredient that comes from the Sperm Whale.
Oh Acne, Ugly Acne
by Jeanne Rose
Learn how to safely and effectively get rid of acne the natural way.

Other Articles :


Chemical Sensitivities & Perfume by June Russell

A very interesting and informative article which reveals the hidden truths that are not usually told.


Bentonite Clay: Protect Yourself from Pharmaceuticals in Your Water
 by Cheryl McCoy

What you need to know about protecting you and your family from pollutants by using clay.


 by Gail Faith Edwards

Such amazing powers can be found in the simplest ingredients.


Living Clay, the Pathway to Elimination of Toxins
 by Perry A.

Clay has the power to rid the body of toxins. Learn how it can help you.





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