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BC Kelp's [ Kelp Soap Bar ]

Every month we  choose a different "all natural beauty" product to put in our Spotlight.  These products, we feel, are the best of the best.  We think that you will agree!

Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty


       With all of the different types of natural soaps on the market, how can you just choose one?  Well, maybe you shouldn't have to!  This is one of many soap recommendations that I've given, and there's more on the horizon, I'm sure.  Today, we not only have the standard 'detergent' bars found at your local supermarket (which we won't even bother discussing here), we have an outrageous selection of first-class all-natural soaps.  One that I've found lately is BC Kelp's Kelp Soap.

     I love this soap for it's no-nonsense cleansing and moisturizing benefits.  It lathers beautifully, and just plain does all of the things that a good soap should do.  It is unscented, so if you want to use it right along with your scented bath salts, oils, etc..., it will never compete.  And because it doesn't have a scent of it's own, I'm sure it will please those with sensitivities towards scented products.  I've even used it in my hair with great results.  Just lather it up in your hands, and then apply it to your hair just like a shampoo.

     If you'd like to know more about the benefits of Seavegetables (this soap bar contains Nereocystis leutkeana, otherwise known as Kelp) I'd highly recommend the article "Seavegetables" by Louise Gaudet (Owner of BC Kelp), in which Louise states, "The abundant minerals are readily absorbed by the skin.  Seaweed baths are detoxifying, relaxing and rejuvenating."  After learning more about this important ingredient from the sea, you will appreciate this amazing product even more!  Between the nutritious ingredients, the nice creamy consistency, and all that lather, this is one soap that you will really enjoy using.



Here's what BC Kelp has to say ~


Kelp Soap -

      KELP SOAP produces lots of silky suds because of its rich ALGIN content (seaweed gel). Kelp Soap is a complexion/body soap and is nourishing to any skin type. This soap is long lasting and will not mush up even if left in the shower, will use up to a fine sliver.


Ingredients: Olive, coconut and Palm oils. Spring water and BC Kelp (Nereocystis leutkeana) flakes. Wrapped in cotton muslin pouch.

Price: 150gram bar wrapped in muslin bag for $5.00 (shipping and handling not included in price)



Make sure to visit BC Kelp

 Louise Gaudet


{The Kelp Soap shown at the top of this page has a Rosemary sprig and twine added for decorative purposes only. The actual bar of soap comes in a muslin bag.}


If you know of a wonderful 100% natural product that belongs in our spotlight, please let us know.  Send us the name of the product and it's manufacturer, along with a brief note telling us why this product deserves this position.  Send us an e-mail at:  comments@allnaturalbeauty.us

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