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Nature's Infusions' [ All-Natural Soaps ]

Every month we  choose a different "all natural beauty" product to put in our Spotlight.  These products, we feel, are the best of the best.  We think that you will agree!

Product review by Sharon @ all natural beauty-


     I am so excited to tell you about this Spotlight!  When I received this special delivery of soaps from Nature's Infusions, I thought that I'd died and went to heaven.  This is a product that appealed to all of my senses (okay, well maybe not my sense of taste).  I cannot overstate this!

     The first thing that I noticed, the minute I took them out of the box, were the earthy, beautiful scents.  They were absolutely intoxicating.  Using only all-natural botanicals, these soaps smell like the crème de la crème of spa products.  Each soap has its own unique scent, and they are so good, I can't pick one that is better than the other.  Each bar's scent is robust and incredible!  That's why I decided to lump the different varieties together as one Spotlight this month.  I can't imagine that there are any that you wouldn't be thrilled with.  "Europa" is one of the strongest smelling scents.  It is the scent that I would expect, and hope for, at an expensive spa.  If I walked into a treatment room and smelled the scent of "Europa" I would be ready for a first-rate luxurious massage.  There is something infinitely divine about the combination of Rhassoul Clay, the earthy Vetiver, along with the sweet lovely Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium and other ingredients.  It's a magical experience.

     Visually, they have the most magnificent "shelf magnetism" that I've ever seen.  Each soap is packaged in a different colored natural tissue-type paper, some having a complementary sheer ribbon wrapped around them, and stamped with a wax seal.  The artwork is first rate, especially the "Traditional African Black Soap" and the "Fruits of the Garden".  The colors are muted, yet bold, cleverly reflecting what is inside... an all-natural spa product just waiting to explosively delight the senses.  After opening the exterior packaging, you'll find that the actual bar has a character all it's own.  Some may like bright colored beauty products, I don't.  I love earthy products that don't make me question their naturalness.  These soaps are all in different shades of beige to brown, most having fragments of botanicals running through them, which add interest (and scrub power).

     Finally, you may be wondering... okay, they look great, they smell divine, but do they work?  I say with a big smile... "Oh yes!  They work beautifully!"  My skin is clean and soft, and not dry, after using these soaps.  You'll see each soap described very well at the Nature's Infusions' web site.  So if you have a particular skin type that needs special care, such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, there's a soap for you.  If you have a normal skin, you will be happy with any and all of them (really happy!)

     Do I sound like I really love these soaps?  Probably, because I do!  They are spectacular, and I know that you will agree.  Do you want a decadent, pleasurable soap for your home spa experience?  Buy a few bars from Nature's Infusions, you won't be sorry.



Here's what Nature's Infusions has to say ~


Here are just two examples:

Traditional African Black Soap-
This is not pretty soap, nor does it smell yummy! Using the traditional methods and ingredients of Ghana, West Africa, Fair Trade Virgin Palm, Virgin Coconut oils, and Black Paste (part of an age old tradition by village women in Ghana, they create a paste which is hand pressed from palm leaves, paw-paw fruit, cocoa shells, plantain, palm kernel oil, and herbs) are mixed over an open kettle, and had pressed into logs. While we don’t claim any miracle cures, traditionally this soap is used on babies, and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and more! And we have had some great feed back from sufferers of acne and eczema.
5-6 oz. bar $5.00

Europa (Spa Bar)
There's nothing like a day at the spa! This luxurious bar just may be the next best thing when you can't get there. Made with a rich base of Unrefined Avocado, Unrefined Hemp Seed, Rice Bran, Babassu, and Palm Kernel Oils, we added lots and lots of Rhassoul Clay to polish your skin, and leave it soft and silky. A truly unique scent, ylang ylang, geranium bourbon, vetiver and rose combine with the earthy scent of the clay. Suitable for all of the body, including the face (non comedogenic-won't clog pores).
6 ½ -7 ½ oz. $6.50


- Prices do not include Shipping & Handling -




Visit Nature's Infusion

at: www.NaturesInfusions.com


If you know of a wonderful 100% natural product that belongs in our spotlight, please let us know.  Send us the name of the product and it's manufacturer, along with a brief note telling us why this product deserves this position.  Send us an e-mail at:  comments@allnaturalbeauty.us

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