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An Aromatherapy Bath for Silky Smooth Skin by Jeanne Rose

     You will be amazed at how smooth and silky your skin will feel after this bath. Even if you have never taken an herb bath, even if you never even considered the health and loving benefits of having velvet-soft skin, this bath will convince you. It is made up of a variety of elements including an herb bath with Seaweed, body brushing, and aromatherapy application.

1) First you must make up an herbal formula. Soft skin will benefit from Rose, Lavender and Chamomile herbs. Men may prefer the more woodsy scents of Pine or Sandalwood. In any case use a mixture of at least 4 ounces of herbs and bring to a boil in 2 quarts of water. Immediately turn off the heat, cover the pot.

2) The next step while your herbs are infusing is to give yourself a good body brushing using a loofah, Turkish towel or soft body brush. Put a drop of stimulating essential oil on both sides of the brush. Brush from your fingertips to your heart. Brush in big upsweeping strokes or in great circular strokes. Now finally brush once more from toes to heart and from nose down to heart.

3) Now take a cleansing shower with a good gritty soap like the ones that Barbara Bobo makes. I particularly like the Barley Bran Soap or the Seaweed/Oatmeal Scrub.

4) Run a nice warm bath and strain your herbal bath mixturer into the water. Add a selection of oils that go well with the herbs. You must soak at least for 20 minutes to get the effects of the essential oils. Since your body is clean, the oils will actually be absorbed into the body.



 A Silky Aphrodisiac Bath

1 oz  each of Rose, Lavender, Sandalwood and Chamomile herbs in 2 quarts of water. The actual bath should also contain 3 drops of each of each: Rose, Lavender and Sandalwood.

 A Woman's Bath

1 oz each of Rose, Lavender, Chamomile and Comfrey herbs in 2 quarts of water. The bath water to contain 3 drops each of Rose and Lavender oils and 1 drop Chamomile oil.

 A Man's Bath

1 oz each of Pine, Comfrey, Sandalwood and Lemon peel herbs infused with 2 quarts of water. The bath water to contain 3 drops each of Pine, Lemon peel and Sandalwood oils.


From "The Aromatherapy Book" by Jeanne Rose

(Available below)


Two Romantic Perfumes by Alexandra Avery

The word perfume derives from the ancient practice of burning scented materials for religious and ceremonial purposes; per (through) fumun (smoke). ..I recommend using a pure grain alcohol available in liquor stores as Everclear alcohol, 90 proof. To each of the below formulas, add 1 ounce Alcohol. Store perfumes in tightly stoppered bottles or atomizers. To perfume the home, rub a few drops over the lamp bulbs before turning them on at night. The heat of the bulb will diffuse the scent throughout the room.

 Dream Divine

A musky blend to set a mood of love

100 drops Bergamot oil          40 drops Sandalwood oil       20 drops Patchouli oil             10 drops Storax or Labdanum 10 drops Lavender                    5 drops Rose

Say Yes

A quiet, unassuming blend that invites a deep relaxation response. It wears well on women and men.

60 drops Lavender oil    10 drops Neroli oil          5 drops Rosemary oil


From "Aromatherapy And You" by Alexandra Avery - Available at (Alexandra


Using Herbs & Essential Oils... should be done with great care.  In fact, we don't even recommend using them until you've read all that you can, and know that you are prepared (See our book recommendations below).

The herbs and essential oils listed at the top of this page have known aphrodisiac properties.  Once you are familiar with the basics of using herbs and eo's, you may create your own romantic blends  by adapting them into your beauty formulas.

We take no responsibility for your creations.  Make and use them at your own risk.  Again, making your own beauty recipes can be fun and rewarding.  But always apply safety first.


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 Jeanne Rose -

Internationally acclaimed author, Jeanne Rose, has graciously offered her recipes and writings to be used on the "all natural beauty" web site. Please visit Jeanne's web site ( to see her many books that she has written, as well as her products and her special program, the "Aromatic Plant Project".  Her books will give you the basics for creating your herbal preparations.  And her classes and home studies courses will give you in-depth knowledge to become a professional.  You may call her at (415) 564-6785.

The Jeanne Rose Current Teaching Schedule

 Alexandra Avery -

We are so proud to offer the recipes of Alexandra Avery here for your enjoyment and knowledge.  She is a gifted writer and esthetician currently living in Hawaii, formulating her own line of aroma therapeutic skin care, and running her own Hawaiian health retreat.  Her book "Aromatherapy And You" is a thoroughly interesting book that will make you want to run to your kitchen and prepare the many beautiful recipes found in it.  It also teaches basic skin care, and how to treat your skin using all-natural ingredients.

See our review of Alexandra's book in our Product Spotlight

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