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Blume All Natural Spa [ 'The Express Facial Bar" ]

 We are proud to present this
special all-natural beauty treatment to you.

A treatment room at Blume All Natural Spa.


The Express Facial Bar, a new concept for those on the go...


     "Ah, the promise of luxury and solace in beautiful sunny California. When many of us think of Californians, we imagine them laying on the beach, surfing the waves and playing volleyball. Well, this is all true, but they also lead the same busy lives that the rest of us do. Long leisurely days at the spa can be amazing journeys into the soul. But realistically, there are many of us that can't spend that much time out of our busy lives to get these kinds of treatments regularly. This is why Blume All Natural Spa created the 'Express Facial Bar'. It's a place where you can go to get a pampering facial treatment without even changing your clothes or laying down. That's right, this is a facial where you'll be sitting upright, yet completely comfortable. Monika will make sure of that!

     Monika Peters, owner and cosmetologist, says, "We are a private skin care salon located on the coast of Malibu. Our goal and mission is to instill wellbeing and to educate our clients to live healthier lives by using natural-based ingredients instead of products with harmful chemicals." She has done the necessary legwork to make sure that all products that are used are the finest all-natural products available.

      "Blume’s popular Express Facial Bar is an all-inclusive facial promising all the benefits of an extensive spa experience, without the hassle of undressing- all done within your lunch hour" says Monika. This means that you'll be relaxed and pampered and have your skin care needs met in a shorter amount of time and at a more economical price.

     Monika explains that "Your facial will begin with a full ‘skin health’ analysis which will let us know which custom treatment will suit your skins specific needs. Throughout each step you will be adorned with a seasonal blend of therapeutic oils into your heated towels and your skin will be well massaged, to ensure circulation and most definitely...relaxation!" Aromatherapy is a subtle yet deeply effective way of getting results. Each Express Facial can last between 15 - 30 minutes or more depending on which services are incorporated. If your complexion is a priority and you are a busy person, Blume All Natural Spa has a facial that will fit your schedule.

     A typical 30 minute Express Facial would begin with the Skin Saver Organic Peel / Exfoliation Treatment ($65). Your facial would start with a customized deep cleansing, aroma steam, fresh fruit, enzyme peel, or a gentle exfoliation (for those sensitive types) followed by a custom blended hydro mask, vitamin serum and your daily dose of moisture. Your skin will truly look and feel ultra hydrated and refreshed!

     Special add-ons to your facial would include an Oxygen Infused Serum, LED, a Customized Mask (Made from fresh fruits, precious clays, alginate seaweed, essential vitamins, peptides and minerals.), Eye & Lip Refresh, Hand & Nail Spruce Up, Day Makeup Application, or an Aroma-Balance, a special aromatherapy treatment. These services add more time and have additional costs associated with them (See this link for details). They are a wonderful way to customize your experience into exactly what you need and desire for your perfect treatment.

     When you have more time to spare and want to enjoy the luxury of more massage, more relaxation, and complete and utter bliss, make sure to check out Blume's other facial treatments that take place in the 'Tranquility Room'. But if time is an issue, just belly up to the bar, The Express Facial Bar that is, and enjoy a first rate service that is sure to please even the most discriminating face.

Click here to visit the Blume All Natural Spa Website
The Blume Express Facial Bar awaits You.


About Blume All Natural Spa...


     While the world is heading towards a more responsible and greener future, it is still very confusing to figure out what is truly natural or organic. Blume’s owner Monika Peters, has dedicated her career to researching the true meaning of natural vs. organic. She has taken the guesswork out of natural skin care so you can be assured of a 100% pure treatment with the absence of harmful chemicals.

What is Blume?

     Blume is the German word for flower. A flower needs all the essential natural ingredients to thrive, such as sunlight, water and soil filled with nutrients.

     At Blume, we stand by the same philosophy: Diet, exercise, mindfulness, rest and play are not only the key to beautiful skin, but also a healthy life.

     Blume is a holistic beauty treatment center with the mission of instilling wellbeing into our clients. We offer a one-on-one beauty experience incorporating the cutting edge in skin and body therapies using only the highest quality natural and pure ingredients.

     Our menu will change with the seasons just as our lives, moods and skin care needs do. Whether it be a much needed cooling and healing facial treatment given in a tranquil environment after a summer of too much sun and fun, or a soothing pre-holiday stress aromatherapy foot bath among the smell of fresh pine and warm apple cider, we will continue to tailor our menu to meet your changing needs. Naturally.

Meet Monika

     Monika has been dedicated to the natural beauty movement for over 20-years. Her career began in the hair industry where she discovered allergies that had developed from the chemicals used in hair products. This revelation was the beginning of her path and quest for continued education in the organic world.

     Monika brings a wealth of experience and education to the field of natural skin care. She is a California Certified Cosmetologist and Certified Beauty Therapist from Australia with practices and certificates in:
· Holistic Skin Care

· Massage Therapy

· Nutrition

· Aromatherapy

     “I truly believe in order to achieve a balanced state of wellness, we need to treat and nurture all aspects of our bodies in the purest way possible.”
Monika Peters

Blume - Organic Skin Care
Using only pure & organic skin care products from around globe-
Your time with us, is yours alone!
We are a private skin care salon located on the coast of Malibu.
Our goal and mission is to instill Wellbeing
with motivation to educate our clients to live a healthier life
by using natural based ingredients instead of products with harmful chemicals.

Located at:
22333 Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 203
Malibu, CA 90265

Available by appointment
(310) 456-9996

* Customized European Spa & Express Facials
* Teen/Acne Skin Care
* Oxygen Therapy
* L E D
* Eyebrow Design
* Aromatherapy
* Hand & Nail Treatments
* Make-Up
* Therapeutic Body Treatments
* Lash Extensions coming in October !
* Boutique



Blume All Natural Spa

Lancaster, PA 93101 (888) 223-7986





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